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Yes, It's True..........

The Howell's are expecting baby #2! I am due June 17, 2009 and could not be more excited. Rylee is so excited to be a big sister! This pregnancy has been a little different than Rylee. With Rylee, I had morning sickness ALL DAY. With this pregnancy, only nausea. I did get a prescription of Zofran and it is helping. My second trimester starts Dec 3 and hopefully the nausea will be totally gone. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so I will try to post any updates tomorrow.

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John McCain

After last night's election results, I have great concerns for this country and for my family. Since I am too stunned to blog about my feelings regarding our new president, take some time to read John McCain's speech last night in Arizona. (I copied his speech off Meghan McCain's blog) To Senator McCain - you had my vote and I will always hold you in the highest regard. You are and always will be a class act!

"Thank You"

Dad's remarks from last night...

"Thank you for coming here on this beautiful Arizona evening. My friends, we have come to the end of a long journey. The American people have spoken, and they have spoken clearly."

"A little while ago, I had the honor of calling Senator Barack Obama to congratulate him. To congratulate him on being elected the next president of the country that we both love. In a contest as long and difficult as this campaign has been, his success alone commands my respect for his ability and perseve…

My friends.....

Get out and Vote today! Not only is it your civic duty but your right.


Halloween has come and gone but what a fun night we had! The morning started off with a Halloween party with her playgroup. That evening, our friends, Scott & Julia came over with Shelby. Rylee and Shelby had the best time trick or treating. The adults had a pretty good time as well. Check out some pictures of the kids. Enjoy!

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