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Sunday, Sunday

Not much to post today. The ice/snow is gone and thank goodness for that. Our power went out Thursday and we stayed in a hotel that night.....wasn't bad and Rylee loved it. She loves staying in hotels as much as her mommy does. I am not a cold weather kind of girl, I am so ready for spring. So ready to wear flip-flops! :)

I missed going to Dallas this weekend due to our no power situation and I was bummed but it's ok. We are going to Oklahoma City this coming weekend and I am sure we will reschedule our trip to Dallas soon. Rylee misses her family and her best friend Emma. Bless her heart, while she knows they live in Dallas, she doesn't understand that Dallas is in a different state. She thinks we just get in the car and drive down the street and we are in Texas. It's so cute. She is so ready to go back to school. Her MDO was closed last week due to the nasty weather and she was so upset. She will get back into routine this week, I hope!

Well, that's all for now. …