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Hello, 37.

Yep, today is my birthday. The big 37. Honestly, I don't know how I feel about it yet, but I do know I'm going to have a great day regardless. ;)


Two weekends ago we headed to Branson for our second dance competition of the year. We headed up on Friday after school, just the girls & I. We stayed at the resort where the competition was held, and had a great time. The resort had an indoor pool, and the kids loved it. :)
The competition went well. Our girls did a fantastic job. LOTS of ribbons, trophies & pins. SO proud of them. We have one more competition left, and it's in Little Rock. This dance season is almost over. It makes me a little sad, because this will be Rylee's last dance competition with BAKstage Dance. {due to our move to San Antonio, obviously}. I think it's going to be hard on her when it's over. :( 
We are going to miss these girls like crazy.

Here are a few photos I managed to get backstage in Branson. 

Fashion Is My Kryptonite . . . . .

Today was the Kid's Day runway show. Rylee was chosen again this year to walk the runway. Woohoo. SHE loves it. I think it's her calling. ;) We had to be there at 8 this morning for hair & make-up. Too early for this momma, but the girls did great.  No complaining. 

While Rylee was getting her make-up done, Amanda {of TuTu Couture} asked if Landry would put on a tutu dress, and walk the runway. Apparently they had a girl back out, and needed one more. Landry wasn't sure at first, but she agreed, and jumped right in to the make-up chair. She looked like such a big girl getting all dolled up for the runway. I was super proud of both my little runway models. Here are a few photos from today. All I took was my phone {bad momma}, but I managed to snap some cute shots. Can't wait to get the official photos. Hopefully soon. Enjoy!

She not sure what to think.

Sassy like her sister!!

Her eyelashes were the envy of all the women backstage doing hair & make-up.  Momma is SO je…

BIG News

We're moving 

Kasey starts work on March 11, but the girls and I are staying behind for Rylee to finish school & of course, dance. We have two competitions left. ;)
As much as I longed to be back in Texas, now that it's happening, it's kind of bittersweet. The more I think about it, the more I get teary-eyed. NW Arkansas is the only home my girls have known.  {Ry was 9 months old when we moved here & Landry was born here} Rylee is sad we're leaving. She's the most upset about leaving her dance company. The girls & their moms are like a second family to us. We will MISS all of them for sure. We will also miss all the wonderful friends we made in NWA.  
Yes, it's sad, but I am excited for our new adventure in San Antonio. There is lots to do around there, and my favorite outlet mall EVER is up the road. 

Stay tuned . . . . More details to come.