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Happy New Year

Wishing you the happiest of New Years! xoxo

So long 2013...

Mercy! I cannot believe today is the last day of the year. Where does the time go? When I was younger, it seemed like time stood still. Now that I'm a momma, it seems time is traveling at lightening speed. I just would like it to slow down a bit. 
A few changes happened in 2013. The biggest was our move back to Texas! Don't get me wrong, I love Texas, always will, but I miss my second family in NWA. Yes! Miss them like crazy. Not a day goes by that I don't think about all the wonderful friends I left behind. Note: VISIT said friends in 2014! Soon. ;)

And speaking of 2014, it's right around the corner. In just a few hours it'll be a new year, new changes, and new beginnings. I'm ready to face the new year head on, with excitement, and joy. I have a feeling more changes are right around the corner. 
So long 2013, and welcome 2014. I'm ready. 

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

Sweet Landry

My little priss fractured her wrist last Thursday evening. Boo! We arrived at the ER (yes, she did it after urgent care closed) at 10:00, and didn't leave until 3am. She fell asleep at 10:30, so I just sat there, watching all the excitement that goes on in the ER. AND it was Friday the 13th- extra excitement! For real, there was some crazy business going on! ;)

Any who, today she saw the orthopedic doc. It's for sure a break near her growth plate, but the good news is, it's a clean break! She got a hard cast today. A Barney purple one. I tried to get her to choose red to match all her christmas outfits, but no, she insisted on purple. Oh well! 


Some of you may have seen this blog post circulating around Facebook. I happened to see it one day, and decided to read it. WOW. All I can say is WOW. 
The post hit home. I often find myself being too hard on Rylee. I think it's because she is my first born, she is 8, and I expect too much from her. I expect her to know how to do things properly. If Landry cries, I automatically go to Rylee, and ask her what she did. If she spills her breakfast or dinner, I get angry. If she doesn't brush her hair, or her teeth fast enough, I get angry. I expect her to rush, and it's not fair. The other morning I was irritated that her scarf lint was all over her black coat. I mean, how could I send her to school with her coat looking like she rolled around in dog hair? She apologized. And for what? It's not like she did anything wrong. It was lint from her cashmere scarf. The same day, I came across this post. My heart broke. I am her mother. I am not supposed to be a bully.
 I came to …

Our week, so far!

We had a great Thanksgiving break at Disney World. I mean, Turkey day with the mouse, what is better than that? ;) We got home Sunday, and on Monday, I was at urgent care with Rylee. Tested positive for strep. Yep! That's right. Home from vacay for two days, and she has strep. Tuesday - urgent care with Landry....YEP! She also has strep.   Both are on antibiotics, and hopefully momma will not catch it. ;) 
Hope y'all are having a great week so far. Disney World

We spent Thanksgiving at Disney World, and just had the best time. The girls LOVED it. Last time we went to DW, Landry was 9 months old. . . . . . and slept the majority of the time. ha! This time around, she had a blast. 
Take a peek at some the photos from our trip. Enjoy!

Landry's all time favorite is Minnie. As soon as she saw Minnie....she said, "Hi Minnie, it's me, Landry!" Awww, melt this mommas heart. 

That's a wrap! So long Disney World, see you again soon!

Landry's Thanksgiving Feast at school

The Thursday before Thanksgiving, Landry's preschool had a feast for the 4 year old class. It was SUPER cute. So thankful I was able to attend. They made super cute little burlap placemats, and adorable little outfits, complete with a paper bonnet. 
My little turkey before school.

         at her feast!