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1 month old

On July 8th, Harper was a month old. 

Harper, you have been such a blessing to our little family. Your big sisters just adore you, and want to be around you all time. I can't believe you are already a month old. 

 - You are starting to stay awake more during the day, and you eat every 2 hours, although lately you have been stretching your feedings to about  every 2 1/2 - 3 hrs. 
- You do NOT like to sleep in your bassinet, you would rather sleep in your Mamaroo, which I am ok with it, as long as you sleep! ;)
- You DO NOT like your car seat, which makes momma sad. We are always on the go, and it makes my heart hurt that you cry while in your seat. 
- You LOVE to be held, and you always know when your momma is in the room. You can be sound asleep, and will wake when momma walks near you.