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Happy Halloween!

Love, Rylee & Landry


Saturday morning, Rylee and I got up and headed to her eye appt. What started out as her routine eye exam turned into, "she needs glasses". WHAAAAAAT? She's never complained about her eyes hurting, or not being able to see, but I have caught her squinting while she's reading or looking at the computer. BUT I didn't think anything about it, until Saturday. Thank goodness this momma schedules yearly eye exams! ;) So, Miss Priss now has to wear glasses while doing homework, or reading, or while she's on the computer. Hopefully, if she wears them like she's supposed to, her eyes will correct themselves, and she won't need glasses long term. Here she is in the frames she picked out by herself. I think she did a great job, and she looks pretty cute in them. :)

{sorry for the blurry photo. I took it with my iPhone.}

Fall Carnival 2012

Friday afternoon/evening, Kasey took Rylee to her annual Fall Carnival at school. Landry and I stayed home went shopping because it was way to cold/windy for us to be outside. ha! I think they had a great time, and I enjoy my one on one time with my sweet little priss. After the carnival, Kasey & Rylee met us at Five Guys for dinner. It was a great Friday night. :)

Throwback Thursday

I REALLY need to get better about blogging. Until then, here  is a little throwback Thursday photo for you! 
Hope y'all are having a great day!

The day we brought Landry home from the hospital! 
{BIG sister doesn't look to happy here. ha!}

State Fair of Texas, part 2

Another reason I was sad to miss the State Fair of Texas last weekend. . . . . . my Nan's quilt. My Nan entered three of her fabulous, hand quilted {which is rare these days. Most people machine quilt}, quilts in the the fair this year. Two of her quilts won 10th place {which is good, considering there were hundreds & hundreds of entries} 
BUT this awesome quilt won 2nd place! For those of you who do not quilt, it's a postage stamp quilt. It took many hours cutting these tiny little "postage stamp" squares.  She was so excited & proud. 

My brother, sister in law, and my Nan went to the fair this afternoon, and sent me these photos. 

Nan, we are SO proud of you! Way to go!!