October 2, 2012

State Fair of Texas, part 2

Another reason I was sad to miss the State Fair of Texas last weekend. . . . . . my Nan's quilt. My Nan entered three of her fabulous, hand quilted {which is rare these days. Most people machine quilt}, quilts in the the fair this year. Two of her quilts won 10th place {which is good, considering there were hundreds & hundreds of entries} 

BUT this awesome quilt won 2nd place! For those of you who do not quilt, it's a postage stamp quilt. It took many hours cutting these tiny little "postage stamp" squares. 
She was so excited & proud. 

My brother, sister in law, and my Nan went to the fair this afternoon, and sent me these photos. 

Nan, we are SO proud of you! Way to go!!

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