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Valentine's Day weekend

This past Saturday, we headed to Okalahoma City. My brother, Michael & sister in law, Sarah met us there. We went to Affair of The Heart {a HUGE art & craft fair}, went to the mall & went to eat at my favorite place, Macaroni Grill. Yummy! Sunday, we went back to Affair of The Heart and then went to Toby Keith's, I LOVE THIS BAR & GRILL ~ so yummy. Rylee really enjoyed her visit with uncle boo boo & aunt sissy! She keeps asking when we are going back to the hotel and spend the night with boo boo & sissy. ha! We had a great Valentine's Day weekend. . . . . hope y'all did as well! :)

Until next time . . . . xoxo


Landry Cate turned 8 months on Feb 10. She is such a big girl. She started crawling 3 days before she turned 8 months and will not sit still. A few days ago, she shocked me.....she started pulling up on the furniture. She really thinks she is a big girl now. ha! Still no teeth but she is chewing on everything in sight. Hopefully soon, those teeth will break through. She sleeps through the night, says Da Da & MaMa
{only when she's upset} and is in LOVE with her big sister, Rylee. Look forward to see what she does next! :) Here are a few pictures. {notice, she won't sit still for me}

Until next time..... xoxo