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A little secret . . . .

Well, it's really not a secret, but I just haven't told a lot of people. Yes, we are moving. BUT the good thing is, we are staying in Texas. We are actually moving, "home!" Since graduating college, Kasey has wanted a career in the sports field. He's applied for a few positions here & there over the last 15 years, but they weren't a good fit. He's been in the same type field for the last 15 years, and honestly, he needed/wanted a change. When this opportunity came up, he jumped! It is in the sport nutrition field, AND it's a completely different type of career. Per Kasey, "It's the job I've been working towards the last 15 years!" 
He was offered the job on Christmas Eve, and he is SUPER exited. 
I'm excited that he's excited. What I am NOT excited about. . . . MOVING! Again! We just moved back to Texas in June of this year.
 He starts on Monday, and the girls and I are set to move early February. Totally feel like it will b…