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Rain and The Fair

This weekend, we were supposed to be in Dallas. We had planned to go to our favorite tradition, The Great State Fair of Texas.

I've been going to the fair ever since I was little. Our school had a "fair day." Every student/teacher got a free ticket, and we were out of school the entire day. SO awesome. {Dallas and surrounding cities still have "fair days"}
Type A me, I checked the weather all week leading up to our trip. RAIN. 70% chance rain all day Saturday. UGH. So, we didn't make it to Dallas. Boo. The girls were sad. 
We did go to Tulsa for the day, and took the girls to the State Fair of Tulsa. Now, I wasn't expecting it to be anywhere near as cool as the State Fair of Texas, but it was worse than I thought. First of all, there was no security check. I walked right in with Landry's backpack. No metal detectors, no police search of our bags, NADA. Now, that made this momma a little scared. I don't know if y'all have ever been to Tulsa, …

oh.em.ghee. LOVE!

I recently came across this site for CA-UTE girl clothing called Kate Elizabeth. Adorable! If you've never heard of it, go on over and take a look. She has some really cute stuff. Can't wait to order some stuff for Rylee & Landry. :)

Kate Elizabeth Designs

Am I ready . . . .

or just plain crazy? All this baby talk between friends who are pregnant, or just had babies, has hit this momma with baby fever. Yes, you heard that right. Some serious baby fever. I know I've posted before about having a third baby, and my fears, but for some reason, I feel ready. I don't have as much fear as I did. . . . . I feel at peace. I know my husband would love another baby. I know he secretly would love a boy. Hopefully, I will have some good news for ya'll soon. :)

I hope these precious girls are ready for a sibling. ;)

a Dallas favorite!

Some of you know already know about Sam Moon. If you don't, check them out here. I've been going to Sam Moon since middle school, if not before. Back in the day, you could only go if you had a tax i.d number. It was in a scary part of Dallas, in a huge musty warehouse. NOT cool. Now, they  have several locations, and they are in MUCH nicer buildings. If you like jewelry, I think you'll like Sam Moon. Here are a few things I found on their website today. . . . GREAT prices.

These are $12.50 - other colors available.

These are $15.99 - other colors available.

September 11th

I can't believe today marks 11 years since the terrorist attacks on America. It seems like yesterday I was waking up to the breaking news alerts, and not being able to comprehend what I was hearing. I was watching GMA that morning, and actually saw the second plane hit. COULD.NOT.BELIEVE what I was seeing.  I can remember being glued to the television ALL day, ALL night. Not just on Sept 11, but the days,and weeks to follow.