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4 months? Really?

Landry is 4 months old today! Wow! She is getting so big!

~ she is almost rolling over. She gets to her side and just hangs out there! ha!
~ she is wearing 3-6 months clothing and weighs 15lbs.
~ sleeping through the night! yay!
~ Laughs out loud and smiles all the time.
~ Loves to watch big sister, Rylee.

I can't believe my baby girl is getting so big.  We love you Landry!

Until next time..... xoxo

The State Fair of Texas

There are two reasons I love Fall - The State Fair of Texas and Halloween! Last weekend we headed to Texas for a weekend that was sure to be super fun! Friday night we went to my cousin, Justin's football game. Super fun! {the weather was fabulous} They lost but it was fun. He is a senior this year and this will be his last year to play football for the Rockwall Yellowjackets. {hopefully he will play college football} Saturday we woke up to fabulous fair weather...or so we thought. As we headed to the fair, it started to sprinkle, then it started to rain. CRAP! We circled the fair and decided to go eat at El Fenix and then go to the fair. The rain stopped and as we were walking into the fair, the rain came back. We just decided to stay at the fair and that's what we did. True Texans.....walk around in the rain all evening at the fair. {at least it wasn't pouring or thundering - ha!} Unfortunately for Rylee, they closed the rides due to the rain but she loved going into all…