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First Day of School

Today was a BIG day. It was the first day of school. Not only was it the first day of school, but it was Landry's first day of kindergarten! She woke up super excited, and from the car ride home, I'd say she had a fantastic day. Rylee started 4th grade. EEEEEK! My first baby is in 4th grade. My how time flies.  They both had a great day, and are ready to for tomorrow. 
It's going to be a great school year. 

Here are a few photos I snapped this morning. Of course, there are more of Landry because being in 4th grade makes you too cool for your mom to follow you around on the first day, taking pictures. ha!

P.S. This momma did good this morning. Not a tear shed as she left her baby in her kindergarten class. 

Meet the teacher night!

Tonight was meet the teacher night! I am so happy with the teachers my girls got this year. They seem super sweet. I can't believe come Monday, I will have a 4th grader, and a Kindergartner. Looking forward to a wonderful school year. 

Landry was really excited to meet her teacher, and to see her classroom.  I hope Monday goes well. Can't believe my baby is going to kindergarten. 

This will be Rylee's last year of elementary school. The district we're in has 5th & 6th grade combined in a different school. Not sure I am ready for all that. ;) She was excited to meet her new teacher as well. 

Looking forward to the 2014-2015 school year!

Maddie K's Boutique

Hey mommas! A few weeks ago, I came across a kids boutique on twitter called, Maddie K's Boutique. They are a new little boutique, and hey have the cutest smocked dresses for reasonable prices. Y'all know how much I love smocked dresses. ;)
Not only do they have cute girl stuff, but they sell boy  clothing as well. I can't wait to order. 

Check them out.

Road trip to NWA

a few weekends ago, the girls and I took a little road trip to visit our friends in NWA. They were super excited. Sophie {Ry's BFF} had no idea we were coming, so it was so fun to surprise her. We really enjoyed the weekend with the Burtis family. 


Both girls tried out for company this year, and BOTH made it. I now have two dances who will compete this year. This is Landry's first time on company, and she is so excited. :) I am super proud of the both of them. Way to go girls! 


Rylee & I had a blast in NYC! She is already planning our next trip. 
We went to the 9/11 Museam & Memorial the first day. It was so emotional. Of course, when 9/11 happened, Rylee wasn't born yet. She has heard about 9/11, and to see her reaction was super emotional for this momma. She had lots of questions, and I tried to answer them the best I knew how. She's only 9, so I knew I had to be careful with how I answered some. They did a nice job on the memorial, but I will have to admit. At times, I felt cold chills. Here we were walking on a huge gravesite. 
Here are a few photos I snapped. I felt weird taking photos, but I wanted a few to document Ry's trip. 

After the 9/11 museum & memorial, we just did the typical NYC stuff.