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Potty Training- I think I am going crazy

Anyone out there have a child that is potty training? If you do, I so feel your pain! I just recently started the whole potty training thing with my 2 1/2 yr old. I know, I know, I started a little late....get off your soapboxes and let me complain a little. I just don't think she is catching on. I mean, she will tell me, "mommy, I am wet, I need a new diaper!" Ok, come on.....if you know you need a new diaper because you just peed in it, you should be able to use the potty. That's what I think but little miss priss thinks otherwise. She just will not go to the potty. I sit her on it like every 20 min (like the potty training book says) and she sits tinkle.....take her off the potty, 2 minutes later, pees in her panties! What is a mom to do? I have cheered, I have given treats and stickers.......tons of new "big girl" panties....NOTHING! Nothing I am doing works! Why is it easier to potty train a puppy? WAIT! Maybe I will just go buy some puppy…

It's Monday!

Hello all! I know it's been a while since my last post but I have just been too busy! The week before Christmas Kasey and I went to Vegas! What fun! I forgot what it was like to be childless for 4 days! While we did miss Rylee, we had a blast! Vegas has so many new things....we didn't have time to see it all! Oh well, I guess we have to plan another trip! ;) Christmas was great. Rylee got way too many presents! We spent 2 weeks with our family in Dallas. Such good times..... I didn't want to come home! 2008 has been great so far. I am still doing things with the Bentonville Mom's Club. We have meetups often so it's fun! Rylee is still going to school. She absolutely loves it. If they had a 3rd day available I would put her in it but as for now, I am on the waiting list like everyone else! It's ok, I love spending time with her. When she's not here I miss her. Kasey is busy as ever. He has been traveling and getting ready to start school in August. He has be…