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Kids Day Out

Yes, it's true . . . . I enrolled Landry in KIDS DAY OUT! With Rylee, I waited until she was 2, but I think Landry will enjoy this and so will her momma. ;-) This is the first year for KDO at The Church at Pinnacle Hills. She will go Mon & Thurs from 9-2. So exciting! The kids area is awesome. All carpeted, two teachers per classroom and they have an indoor play area for the one year olds. Like I said, it's awesome! Open house/meet the teacher is next Tuesday and she will start on Thursday - boy, that's fast. Ready or not, we are going to KDO. :-)

I like how they call it, Kids Day Out instead of Moms Day out. I guess in reality, kids could use a day out as well. ha! Now that Rylee is in kindergarten, and Landry will be at KDO two days a week, I am not sure what to do with my free time on those two days. Hmmmmm, this should be interesting - hope I don't get bored.

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Hello from a SOCCER mom . . .

{Boy, I never thought I would say that. ha!} When my first daughter was born, I never imagined I would be a soccer mom. As Rylee grew up, I imagined her being a gymnast or a ballerina, but not a soccer girl. Rylee did become a dancer, she even made the BAKstage Company Dance team. While she is still doing dance, she also signed up for soccer. WHAT? To me it's crazy, but I think it will be good for her. Last Friday night, Bentonville Parks & Rec had a fun soccer kick off celebration. {complete with 4 huge bouncy houses} All the kids got to meet their coach & get their new uniforms. Rylee's team is Team Revolution - their colors are purple & black. :) At least the uniform colors are girly! ha!

Saturday was the first practice. For never playing soccer, she did really well. Most of the girls on her team have been playing for the last two years, but I think she will catch up & be just fine. She had a blast at practice!

Between kindergarten, dance & soccer - our…

Beauty O-v-e-r-l-o-a-d!

I just returned from a last minute trip to good ol' Walmart. {we needed milk} Anyway, as I am walking through the store, I notice that there are so many beauty products to choose from these days. It's a bit overwhelming. So, I got to thinking.. . . .Do we really need 500 different mascara's or 150 different deodorant's? What about toothpaste. . . so many options there as well. Hundreds of different shampoo's, styling products, face wash, lotions, shaving cream and the list goes on. Do we really need so many options? Just for fun I thought I would share my favorite products. :-)

I use Aveeno Baby Wash everyday! Not only does it make my skin soft, it smells fabulous!
Yes, I use good ol' Oil of Olay! It's cheap and I LOVE the way it smells.

I use Moroccan Oil shampoo & conditioner. It leaves my hair soft, shiny & smelling yummy. :)

Whenever I need extra shine....I use Moroccan Oil Brilliance Gloss. Fabulous!

This flat iron is my BFF. I have natural curly…

Weekend wrap-up

This weekend has been pretty laid back. Saturday afternoon, we went to Academy - Rylee is playing soccer this fall & she needed some gear. {I know NOTHING about soccer. HA! That evening, we met our friends, Jim, Kristy and their two boys for dinner. They live in Dallas and it was so good to see them. Love when they visit. :-) They have a new baby, Collin, and he is so cute. Landry loved him. She kept patting his back - so sweet. Of course, Rylee now wants a baby brother. Oh boy! Today was laid back. The girls had a day with daddy & I ran some errands and went to see a movie. Such a nice day for alone time. Now, I am getting ready for Rylee's first full week of kindergarten. I have to say, these early mornings are going to do me in. If you know me at all, I am NOT a morning person and getting up at 6 is cramping my style. haha! Hope y'all had a great weekend. 

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Rylee's First Day of Kindergarten!

Today is Rylee's first day of kindergarten! She was SO excited this morning. In fact, she actually woke up when her alarm went off this morning {I WAS SHOCKED}. I was lying in bed watching the news and she came running down the hallway and into our room with the biggest smile on her face. She was ready to go. Here are a few pictures before school & a little video I put together. Enjoy!

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The day/night before kindergarten ~

Today, I hosted a "Rylee's going to kindergarten" playgroup, complete with a yummy Rick's cake. It was the CUTEST thing ever! All her little friends came over to play and wish her a great school year. :-)

After playgroup, I took her for a pre-kindergarten mani/pedi. We had so much fun. We went to a new place in Fayetteville and they had kid spa chairs. SO ADORABLE! Rylee's legs are not long enough for the regular spa chairs so they usually end up giving her a pedi in the old school foot tub - remember those? ;-)
We ended the day before kindergarten with a yummy sno-cone. It was a great day!

Now, about momma . . . . I don't think I will sleep a wink tonight. My stomach is in knots as I type. YIKES!! Maybe I should go open a bottle of wine - it's gonna be a long night. HA!

Isn't this the cutest cake? {it was yummy too}
mani/pedi time!
mani/pedi & a movie!

Check back tomorrow for FIRST DAY of Kindergarten update! :)

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Meet - The - Teacher night

Tonight was "Meet The Teacher' at Rylee's school. She was so happy to go, but when we got there, she seemed a little overwhelmed. She kept asking all the usual questions, "What if I can't find my classroom?, What if the kids don't like me? and What if I get lost?" Poor girl, I had to reassure her that she would be fine & the teachers are there to help. Her kindergarten teacher will be Mrs. Ragland - she has been at the school for 5 years. I've heard chit chat about how strict she is so we will see how the school year goes. ;-)
I did join the PTO. Crazy it's called PTO here. The schools I went to, it was called the PTA. Whatever . . . I joined & I am proud. I also signed up to be room mom. Why I did that I don't know. HA! Yes, I do know. . . . I just figured if I was room mom, Rylee would have a great Christmas & Valentines Party. {silly, I know} Overall, the meet-the-teacher night went well. I'm still sad my baby girl is going…

So the countdown begins....

THURSDAY, August 19th, my baby girl starts kindergarten. Oh, my! I can promise it's going to be a sad {but happy} day for this momma. Tuesday is Back-to-school night & meet the teacher. Rylee is SUPER excited to meet her teacher & check out her classroom. Don't get me wrong, I am happy that she's happy to start school but this is a big deal to me. There is just something about letting go a little -I am not good at it. Stay tuned this week for the RYLEE'S GOING TO KINDERGARTEN updates. :-)
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Party in The USA

A few nights ago, I turned on my ipod and the girls had a little dance party. It was super cute! Enjoy! :-)

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