Kids Day Out

Yes, it's true . . . . I enrolled Landry in KIDS DAY OUT! With Rylee, I waited until she was 2, but I think Landry will enjoy this and so will her momma. ;-) This is the first year for KDO at The Church at Pinnacle Hills. She will go Mon & Thurs from 9-2. So exciting! The kids area is awesome. All carpeted, two teachers per classroom and they have an indoor play area for the one year olds. Like I said, it's awesome! Open house/meet the teacher is next Tuesday and she will start on Thursday - boy, that's fast. Ready or not, we are going to KDO. :-)

I like how they call it, Kids Day Out instead of Moms Day out. I guess in reality, kids could use a day out as well. ha! Now that Rylee is in kindergarten, and Landry will be at KDO two days a week, I am not sure what to do with my free time on those two days. Hmmmmm, this should be interesting - hope I don't get bored.

Until next time . . . .xoxo


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