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I almost always use a salon brand shampoo. I normally use Moroccan Oil, or Bumble & Bumble. Well, today while I was at ULTA, I saw this shampoo . . . . . .
It was $6.99 a bottle, so I thought I would buy it for Rylee. I actually used the shampoo & conditioner tonight, and let me tell you - it smells DELICIOUS. Not only does it smell great, it made my hair feel so, so soft. I love it! If you are needing/wanting to change shampoo, try it. I think you'll love it too!

My blog. . . . .

got a make-over! Thanks to Faith at A Desing of Faith for making it look super cute. She always  does such a great job.  If you are in need of a blog make-over, check her out.  Thanks again, Faith. I love it! :)

Oh boy!

remember at the beginning of school I posted about 
Rylee joining Girl Scouts? 

Well, tomorrow is their first meeting, and unfortunately, she can't go. Actually, she will not be a Girl Scout this year. They have their meetings the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month. UGH - she has dance on Wednesday's, so she'll never get to attend a meeting, which is important in Girl Scouts. She doesn't know the bad news yet, but I have a feeling once I tell her in the morning, it's just going to ruin her day. Possibly my day as well. Now, those of y'all who know me, y'all know I am secretly happy that it has worked out this way. I did not want her to do GS. . . . I was not looking forward to mom/daughter camp outs {I DON"T camp}, nor was I looking forward to selling cookies. BUT I do feel bad for her. She wanted to join GS so bad. So, it looks like I will be spending the day tomorrow trying to find her some special little "I'm Sorry " gift, because I do…

I think I've done it!

It's no secret that this little priss is a picky eater.

 I mean, all she wants is peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, and chicken. Seriously! I've never made a big deal about her eating her veggies, or whatever it may be. I just don't feel the need to force a child to eat something they don't want to. Why fight about food? I know some people who punish their kids for not eating whatever food is offered. {hello, eating disorder in the making}  I just don't believe in that. There comes a time when you have to pick and choose your battles. I really don't want my kids thinking if they don't eat something, they will be punished. 

Fighting over food just becomes a power struggle, and one that, IMO, has potential damaging consequences. 

"Encouraging" is different than forcing. If you provide a healthy variety and eat the foods yourself, most kids will want to  try what you are eating.
 I mean, as adults, you know what you like, and you sure don't want …

Lunch Date

I am super behind on blogging, but I will go ahead and get this weekend out of the way. ;) Friday night, we headed to Fayetteville to do a little shopping. My girls were in such need for some fall clothes. After spending the whole evening at the mall, and various stores, we came home with 4 shirts from the GAP, an outfit from Dillard's, and that's it! I couldn't find them anything. UGH! So disappointed. I guess I will have to do some on-line shopping this week. Saturday, we didn't do much. I went to the grocery store, and that was about it. Boring, I know.
 Today, I took Rylee on a lunch date. . . . . to see The Lion King

I can't believe it's back at the theater. I was a little skeptical because it IS a little scary, but she LOVED it! {and so did I} Sorry I didn't get any photos! It's been pouring here all weekend, so the camera was the last thing on my mind. ;)
. . . . and speaking of on-line shopping. Look what I just ordered the girls. LOVE!

hope you a…

Landry's first day of KDO

Landry started back to KDO {Kids Day Out} today- FINALLY! ;) I really like her classroom this year - it's super big, has windows, and a bathroom. {not all the classrooms have a bathroom} I think having the bathroom in the room will help with potty training. Let's hope so anyway. Her teachers are super sweet, and there are so many girls in her class this year. {last year, there was only one other girl besides her} Here are a few pictures from our morning. 
{she insisted on wearing these "croc crocs" with her dress today}
{we had to say hi to Nemo this morning}
 {new check in/out tags}

{classroom door - LOVE the barn theme}

She had a great first day back! :)