Lunch Date

I am super behind on blogging, but I will go ahead and get this weekend out of the way. ;) Friday night, we headed to Fayetteville to do a little shopping. My girls were in such need for some fall clothes. After spending the whole evening at the mall, and various stores, we came home with 4 shirts from the GAP, an outfit from Dillard's, and that's it! I couldn't find them anything. UGH! So disappointed. I guess I will have to do some on-line shopping this week. Saturday, we didn't do much. I went to the grocery store, and that was about it. Boring, I know.

 Today, I took Rylee on a lunch date. . . . . to see
The Lion King

I can't believe it's back at the theater. I was a little skeptical because it IS a little scary, but she LOVED it! {and so did I} Sorry I didn't get any photos! It's been pouring here all weekend, so the camera was the last thing on my mind. ;)

. . . . and speaking of on-line shopping. Look what I just ordered the girls. LOVE!

hope you all had a great weekend!


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