Oh boy!

remember at the beginning of school I posted about 
Rylee joining Girl Scouts? 

Well, tomorrow is their first meeting, and unfortunately, she can't go. Actually, she will not be a Girl Scout this year. They have their meetings the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month. UGH - she has dance on Wednesday's, so she'll never get to attend a meeting, which is important in Girl Scouts. She doesn't know the bad news yet, but I have a feeling once I tell her in the morning, it's just going to ruin her day. Possibly my day as well. Now, those of y'all who know me, y'all know I am secretly happy that it has worked out this way. I did not want her to do GS. . . . I was not looking forward to mom/daughter camp outs {I DON"T camp}, nor was I looking forward to selling cookies. BUT I do feel bad for her. She wanted to join GS so bad. So, it looks like I will be spending the day tomorrow trying to find her some special little "I'm Sorry " gift, because I do feel bad. Dang it!


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