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Ho Ho Ho

Oh my goodness! Can you believe it's almost Christmas? It feels like just yesterday it was Thanksgiving. It's crazy how fast time flies when you are older. ha! In just a few weeks, a decade will be over and a new one begins. It has been such a rollercoaster ride for me these last 10 mom passed away, I got married, I had a baby, moved to Arkansas and had another baby. Of course, tons of other things in between. ;) There have definitely been a few ups & downs and I am not where I thought I would be at 33 but I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. I am so blessed to have such a great family, a handful of good friends and my precious baby girls. I hope the next 10 years are just as great, if not better - here's to another great ride.....just hope it doesn't go by as fast! I hope y'all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Talk to y'all in 2010.

Until next time..... xoxo


Landry Cate, you are 6 MONTHS old today! I can hardly believe it. You've been in our lives for 6 months but it feels like forever! You are growing everyday.... you wear 6-9 months clothing and size 3 diapers. You roll around everywhere and I think you are trying to crawl. You will get up on your knees and then push backwards.... maybe you will crawl soon? You are definitely teething.... there isn't a minute you don't have your hands in your mouth. :) You amaze us daily and we are blessed to have you.

Until next time.... xoxo

5 months

My sweet baby girl, you are 5 months old today! Where has time gone? I wish I could keep you little forever. At 5 months, you can roll over {only when YOU want to & you don't seem to want to unless you are mad- ha!} You have started eating rice cereal & bananas every once in a while. While you don't care for rice cereal, you do like the bananas. You are smiling and laughing all the time and you LOVE your momma. You never want momma to put you down. :) Your sister thinks you are pretty special too, she can't wait until you can play with her. Happy 5 months, Landry Cate! We love you!!

Until next time..... xoxo

4 months? Really?

Landry is 4 months old today! Wow! She is getting so big!

~ she is almost rolling over. She gets to her side and just hangs out there! ha!
~ she is wearing 3-6 months clothing and weighs 15lbs.
~ sleeping through the night! yay!
~ Laughs out loud and smiles all the time.
~ Loves to watch big sister, Rylee.

I can't believe my baby girl is getting so big.  We love you Landry!

Until next time..... xoxo

The State Fair of Texas

There are two reasons I love Fall - The State Fair of Texas and Halloween! Last weekend we headed to Texas for a weekend that was sure to be super fun! Friday night we went to my cousin, Justin's football game. Super fun! {the weather was fabulous} They lost but it was fun. He is a senior this year and this will be his last year to play football for the Rockwall Yellowjackets. {hopefully he will play college football} Saturday we woke up to fabulous fair weather...or so we thought. As we headed to the fair, it started to sprinkle, then it started to rain. CRAP! We circled the fair and decided to go eat at El Fenix and then go to the fair. The rain stopped and as we were walking into the fair, the rain came back. We just decided to stay at the fair and that's what we did. True Texans.....walk around in the rain all evening at the fair. {at least it wasn't pouring or thundering - ha!} Unfortunately for Rylee, they closed the rides due to the rain but she loved going into all…

Texas Tech v. Texas Longhorns

My husband is from New Deal, Texas {a very TINY town around the corner from Lubbock - Ha!}. He went to Tech and is a HUGE Tech football fan. Up until this year, my 4 yr old, Rylee has followed in her daddy's footsteps. She loved the Red Raiders and would always have her "guns up!" Not too long ago, she informed her daddy that she QUIT the Red Raiders and is now a Longhorn! A daddy's heart was broken on that summer night. {yes, she goes around with her horns in the air and yes, her daddy cringes!}

Can't wait to see what happens tonight when the Red Raiders play the Longhorns. Will she have her "guns up" or her "horns" up? We shall see....

Until next time...... xoxo

End of summer.....

Over the Labor Day weekend, we headed to San Antonio with Michael & Sarah. What fun we had! Our friends, Chris & Julie and their daughter Emma {Rylee's BFF} also joined us. We left Friday morning and had a great car ride. We stopped in West for the best Kolache's ever!! Then we stopped in San Marcos {outlet capitol of Texas} and had lunch at Center Point Station {if you are ever in San Marcos, you should try it. It's an old gas station converted into a boutique & restaurant.} We finally made it to San Antonio and joined Chris, Julie and Emma. We went on the river taxi tour and about 10 min into the tour, it started raining {the tour is 35 min long} Of course, we finished the tour in the rain and we were soaked. We went to Sea World on Saturday and the girls LOVED it. The day was perfect, not too hot or humid. Of course, it rained on us towards the end of the day. We had a blast in San Antonio! Here are a few pics from our weekend!

Until next time..... xoxo

Three Months

Miss Landry Cate . . . . . .

You are 3 months old today! You are the sunshine in our life. Your smile is so contagious, we can't get enough. You love your big sister & she loves you ~ I hope the bond continues to get stronger as you both get older.

Mommy loves you!
{she had an attitude today while I was trying to get some pictures! needless to say, she WAS NOT going to smile or open her eyes for me}

Until next time. . . . xoxo

Life in the Fast Lane....

Rylee has been asking to go bowling for a week or so. I am not even sure where she learned about bowling? She is only4! So, tonight we took her to this place called FAST LANE. It has bowling, Cosmic bowling {very cool - everything glows in the dark} laser tag, indoor go-karts and tons of games. This was our first time and I must say, we had a blast. The girl LOVES bowling. The look on her face was priceless. After bowling, I took her for a ride on the go-karts. I figured she would be scared but she kept asking, "Mommy, can you go faster?" ha! I was going as fast as it would go but she wanted to go even faster ~ my little dare devil. Here are a few pictures of our evening. {the go-kart pic is kind of dark}

Until next time.....xoxo

2 months

Miss Landry was 2 months old, yesterday! {8-10-09} I can't believe it! Where does the time go? She did very well at her 2 month check-up yesterday, even with the 3 shots she received. Mama & big sister did not do so well. I always make Kasey take the kids for shots, so Rylee & I waited in the hall. As Landry was screaming from the injections, Rylee was crying for her. So sweet! {a little sad too} Here are her latest stats:

~ weight: 12 lbs, 9.1 oz

~ length: 23.5 inches

~ smiling

~ sleeping 5 1/2 hours at night

You are getting so big baby girl, we love you! :)

Until next time......xoxo

Dora, Dora, Dora the Explorer!

Ok, so I know this is a random post but after reading another blog, I got to thinking about Dora. Rylee loves Dora. In fact, we have so many Dora videos and Dora dolls, I am overwhelmed with Dora. Do your kids like Dora? Have you as a parent ever sat down and watched an episode of Dora? Up until today, Dora really got on my nerves. I would try to get Rylee to watch something besides Dora. HA! Only worked a few times! Today, I realized that Dora was actually a very educational show for kids. Lot's of life lessons in each episode of Dora. Below is a list of life lessons by Dora {as blogged by a fellow blogger}. After reading it, I had to watch an entire episode and after it was over, I so agree that Dora is not so bad! I thought I would share one mom's take on Dora ~ enjoy!

I figure if I have to watch non-stop "Dora the Explorer" every freaking day, I might as well try to get something out of it. And it didn't take me but about 2 minutes to figure out there are a lo…

Weekend wrap-up

We've had a great weekend! Friday, we went to dinner and did a little shopping. Saturday morning, Rylee & I picked up Debbie and we headed to Tulsa for a girls day shopping trip. We went to Affair of The Heart, which is so neat. If you are from Dallas, it's like Canton but indoors and air conditioned. There is an admission fee of $6.00 but that will get you in the event all three days...can't beat that! They have it 4 times a year, twice in Oklahoma City and twice in Tulsa. The great thing about it, there are many vendors that do Canton who also do the Affair of The Heart. If you are ever in the mood for a little road trip, check it out. {} The next show is in October ~ can't wait to check it out! Saturday evening, Debbie & I headed to the movies to see 'The Proposal' ~ if you haven't see in yet, go see it! It is super funny! We laughed so hard. What a fun filled Saturday! Sunday has been a lazy day so far. Kasey worked in the yard, Ry…

1 month

Wow, Landry is a month old! Where does the time go? I meant to post this on the day she turned a month {July 10, 2009} but there was something wrong with my photos and I could not get them to upload. Here is a picture on her 1 month birthday. If you notice, her onesie says "1 month." I ordered these cute stickers {} that you just stick on a onesie...there are 12 of them, one for each month. Super cool idea! A few facts about Landry at 1 month: ~ you are 11.8 lbs ~ you are in size 1 diapers and 0-3 months and some 3 months clothing ~ you are starting to notice mommy, daddy & Rylee more and more everyday! {you love to watch big sister Rylee} ~ you like your swing and you DO NOT like riding in the car. {hopefully, that will change} ~ and of course, you LOVE to shop! Happy 1 month sweet baby girl, we love you!

4th of July

Once again, we had a great 4th of July! Of course, this one was special because it was Landry's first. :) We met some friends and watched the big fireworks display in our little town. It was fun! Rylee loved playing with Halle & Jenna. The weather was so nice last night, Landry was able to sit outside in her stroller. Landry slept right through the fireworks show...could not believe it. I think she enjoyed the fresh air. Hope everyone had a fun & safe holiday.

Until next time.....xoxo

2 weeks old

Landry is two weeks old today! I can't believe it. Seems like just yesterday I was in the hospital. She had her two week check up today....doing well, growing like a weed. She weighed 9 lbs 7 oz and was 21 3/4 in. She is in the 95th percentile. That's my girl....just like big sister Rylee. :)

Happy Father's Day!

I know, I know - it's been awhile since my last blog. Between the feedings, changing diapers, chasing a 4 yr old and family visits, I have not had the time to blog. I promise, I will update soon.

Today, I want to wish all the daddy's out there a Happy Father's Day but I especially want to wish Kasey a very Happy Father's Day! You're the best! We love you! Until next time....xoxo

She's here.....

Hello friends & family!

Landry Cate has made her arrival. Born @ 2:48 pm on June 10, 2009.
Weighing in at 8lbs, 8oz and 21 in long. She is beautiful like her big sister!!

We are all super excited, especiallyRylee. Since the moment she was born, Rylee has been so in love with her. She doesn't want to leave her side for a minute.
It just melts my heart to watch her with Landry!
{ask me in 4-10 yrs how their relationship is - ha!}

Until next time.....xoxo

Induction Day

Today is induction day! I am so excited but also really nervous. I haven't slept much since Monday and here it is 12:50 am and I really need to be in bed {Note: I have to be at the hospital at 6 am.} Every time I feel that I am ready, I think of something else I need to do. Leave it to me to wait until the LAST minute to get things together. I have no idea what Landry will wear home - I did pack 4 outfits.....hopefully by the time we are released from hospital, I will make a decision. ha! Another thing I have been worrying about is my baby girl, Rylee. I keep wondering how she is going to feel about all these changes to her world this week. She is super excited that she will be a big sister and she knows Landry will be here tomorrow but I wonder, "Does she really know whats going on?" I have so enjoyed the last 4 years with my will I ever love another baby the same? Those of you with more than one child, how do you do it? Is it instant? Is it a differen…

Happy Birthday Doodlebug!

Wow! I can't believe my baby girl is 4 today. They grow up so fast, don't they? I can remember the day she was born like it was yesterday.

Happy Birthday Rylee! Mommy loves you so much! :)

I cannot believe it.....

June! Where has 2009 gone? It seems like this pregnancy has flown by as well. I guess having a toddler to chase around makes the time fly. In 9 days, Landry Cate will be here. I am super excited but nervous at the same time. I was induced with Rylee and did not have a great labor/delivery experience. I hope this induction goes more smoothly and quickly. I keep hoping I will go into labor on my own before induction day but it doesn't look promising. I have a doctors appointment on Thursday and I would love to hear, "Oh, you are dilated to a 3 or a 4!" That would be just fabulous! ;) Will keep you posted.

Until next time.....xoxo

Memorial Day the rain!

{those WERE white converse}

Yesterday, we got together with several families from my mom's group and had a picnic at the park. GREAT idea but it started raining about 30 minutes after we arrived. Thank goodness the playground had a huge pavilion but the kids did not want to stay under the pavilion the whole time. So, what happened? You guessed it....we let them play in the rain. With rain, comes mud! If you know me at all, you know that I do not like for Rylee to get muddy. She has never played in the rain, much less the mud. Against my better judgement, I gave in and let her play in the rain and all the mud puddles. She had the best time. She would run, jump and laugh and I know she hit every mud puddle the park had to offer. If you are wondering, yes - the whole time this mommy was freaking out that her little girl was soaked and muddy but at the end of the day, she had a blast and that's all that mattered!

* thank go…

Happy Mother's Day!

For 23 years, I was lucky enough to spend Mother's Day with my mom. While it was special, I never knew just how special until my mom passed away! The first Mother's Day without her was hard. It had only been 2 1/2 months since she passed away and I think that made it even harder to deal with. Mother's Day was never the same until I had Rylee. She brought back the happiness, the strength, the courage and the joy I was missing from my own mother. I feel like being a mother to Rylee has brought me closer to my own mother, even though she is no longer with us. I feel her presence in my heart as if she was here and I miss her dearly but I know she will be with us Sunday and in our hearts forver!

To all the mothers out there and to all who long to be mothers, I wish you a very ~
Happy Mother's Day!

Surprise visit & Baby Shower

This weekend has been one of the best in a long time. Friday evening I got a surprise visit from Texas - my family! They came to surprise me for my baby shower! I was so shocked but thrilled to see them. This was the first time my aunt & cousin have come for a visit. :) Rylee was just as, if not more excited to see them. We ordered pizza and hung out. It was a fun night. Saturday, we went to breakfast and did a little shopping. The weather was horrible. Cold & rainy - not my ideal weather for shopping but we weren't out long. After we came home and dressed we headed to my baby shower. It was a lot of fun. It was really special because Nan, Debbie, Sarah & Jennifer were able to attend. I have been pretty homesick lately and having them there with me just made it perfect. I received lots of nice gifts and tons of diapers. Rylee had a blast as well. My family brought her "Big Sister" gifts and she was on cloud nine. What can I say, the girl loves attention. Of c…

33 weeks - can you believe it?

I can't believe I am 33 weeks pregnant! It seems like yesterday I found out and now I am super close to having baby #2. It's wild! I went for a sonogram on Wed and below are a few pics of Miss Landry Cate. Enjoy!
{just for the record, I think 3D sono's are a little freaky}
She looks like a little baby bird in this one! :)

Prayer Request

Hi all -

I need a HUGE favor!

My sister in law, Sarah has gone through terrible infertility problems and unfortunately ended up having a hysterectomy last year. This has been such a roller coaster ride for not only them but for the whole family. They have been trying to adopt a baby for a while now and I believe GOD is close to answering their prayers. Hopefully, come June - right around the time I am due with Landry, they too will have a baby girl.

Please pray that this is the baby
Michael and Sarah are meant to have.

xoxo -


A little much of nothing

29 weeks pregnant! 11 weeks to go - Yay! :)

Rylee's new big girl bedroom is finished and looks super cute. I will post some pictures later. I seriously need to work on baby Landry's nursery. We have {almost} everything we need for her arrival but she needs her room to be cute and complete! We are leaving for Dallas Saturday morning and we will be there for a couple of days then off to Houston. This will officially be my last road trip to Dallas/Houston before Landry is born. I am a little sad but I also need to stay close to home and get some things done before baby is born. Hopefully, my family will come visit me and make me less home sick. {hint, hint}

Until next time......xoxo

Our weekend

Not a very eventful weekend but it sure was nice. The weather was great and Rylee enjoyed playing outside. Saturday, I took Rylee to a birthday party at, Kiss A Frog. It was so neat. They started out in a room with a huge castle bounce house, complete with a slide. Next, they went into the "dress up room." All the little girls dressed up as fairies and the three little boys were pirates. So stinkin' cute! In the dress up room, the little fairies had their faces painted, glitter applied to their eyes and even glitter sprayed in their hair. There was glitter everywhere! After they made their own fairy dust, they were off to the cake room. Overall, it was a great party. Rylee had a blast! Here are some photos of the party! :)

Until next time....... xoxo

Drum Roll.......

Baby sister officially has a name -

Landry Cate Howell

Until next time......xoxo

Sunday, Sunday

Not much to post today. The ice/snow is gone and thank goodness for that. Our power went out Thursday and we stayed in a hotel that night.....wasn't bad and Rylee loved it. She loves staying in hotels as much as her mommy does. I am not a cold weather kind of girl, I am so ready for spring. So ready to wear flip-flops! :)

I missed going to Dallas this weekend due to our no power situation and I was bummed but it's ok. We are going to Oklahoma City this coming weekend and I am sure we will reschedule our trip to Dallas soon. Rylee misses her family and her best friend Emma. Bless her heart, while she knows they live in Dallas, she doesn't understand that Dallas is in a different state. She thinks we just get in the car and drive down the street and we are in Texas. It's so cute. She is so ready to go back to school. Her MDO was closed last week due to the nasty weather and she was so upset. She will get back into routine this week, I hope!

Well, that's all for now. …


So, as you all know, we are having another girl! I am super excited! I had a feeling it was a girl and of course, so did Rylee. She is so happy to be getting a baby sister. Something I have no idea about. I have 3 brothers, no clue about a sister. :) I think she will do fine. While I do have 6 plastic totes full of baby clothes, hair bows and shoes to pass down to the new baby, if you know me at all, you will know that doesn't matter. I will be out shopping for new stuff soon! I would have already been shopping but the ice/snow storm has kept me locked inside my house for 2 days. NOT fun! We are planning a trip to Dallas this weekend - so excited! This is Canton weekend and I can't wait to shop for cute, girly, baby stuff! Now that we will have two daughters come June, my husband may want to get another job! ;) hahaha

NAMES? I keep getting all sorts of email and text regarding a name for this new baby girl. While, I do have a list, it seems to grow longer on a daily basis. Ther…

It's a . . . . .

GIRL! She looks perfect! I am so excited! They did move my due date up from June 17th to June 12th. Yay!
Until next time......xoxo

So excited!

Only 3 more days until the big sonogram! Is this baby a BOY or a GIRL? We shall see soon! :)


Every time I wear a cute, funky necklace or a hip tee, I always get the same question, "Where did you get that?" Since NWA doesn't have a lot of the hip stuff you can find in Dallas, here are a few websites I shop at......often! ;)

I hope you can find that perfect chunky necklace or that fabulous hip tee-shirt you have been looking for! Enjoy!

Until next time.....xoxo

Just for fun....

So, for the fun of it, I purchased Intelligender! It is a kit that you can buy that tells you the gender of your baby. (a more expensive version of The Drano test) It says it's 90% accurate and I have known several women that did it and it was correct! I did it for fun. No way do I think it works.

I took the test Saturday morning and the results.....

A GIRL! We have our big sonogram on January 26th. Let's see if it's correct! Until next time.....xoxo

Hair Bows

Bow made by: MICA

Not much to post today but just wanted to give thanks to my fabulous bow lady! Her name is Mica Deaton and she does fabulous work. I first met her 3 1/2 years ago in Canton. I bought all of Rylee's bows from her until last year. Well, Mica is back to making bows full time and I am SUPER excited! She is no longer in Canton but she does have a web site -

Check her out! She is in the process of updating her web site with new goodies so be patient and check back often!

Until next time.......xoxo

Countdown to Janurary 26 @ 8:00 AM

On January 26th @ 8:00 AM, we will be finding out if we're having a BOY or a GIRL? I am super excited to find out! Only 25 more days to go!

I am secretly hoping for another girl but would love a boy as well. Rylee is convinced that she is getting a baby sister. I have tried to explain to her that it could be a boy and we will have to wait and see but every time she just says, "No Mommy! It's a baby sister in your tummy!" How can you argue with that?

While we do have a boy name picked out, we are still working on our list of girl names. There are so many cute ones to choose from. The choice is going to be difficult for sure. Here is what we have so far -

Addyson Cate
Gracyn Makenzie or Gracyn Cate
Landry Cate

Until next time.....xoxo