So, as you all know, we are having another girl! I am super excited! I had a feeling it was a girl and of course, so did Rylee. She is so happy to be getting a baby sister. Something I have no idea about. I have 3 brothers, no clue about a sister. :) I think she will do fine. While I do have 6 plastic totes full of baby clothes, hair bows and shoes to pass down to the new baby, if you know me at all, you will know that doesn't matter. I will be out shopping for new stuff soon! I would have already been shopping but the ice/snow storm has kept me locked inside my house for 2 days. NOT fun! We are planning a trip to Dallas this weekend - so excited! This is Canton weekend and I can't wait to shop for cute, girly, baby stuff! Now that we will have two daughters come June, my husband may want to get another job! ;) hahaha

NAMES? I keep getting all sorts of email and text regarding a name for this new baby girl. While, I do have a list, it seems to grow longer on a daily basis. There are so many cute names for girls, it's hard to choose. When I think I have it figured out, someone mentions another name and I end up liking it too. Being the Type A I am, I am on a mission to name this baby soon. Here is what I have so far -

Addyson Cate
Gracyn Makenzie
Finley Cate

Addyson and Gracyn have been the favorites of my friends and family but KC and I really like Finley. You don't hear the name too often! So, fellow blog readers, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to send them my way.

Until next time...... xoxo

p.s. By the way, the Intelligender Prediction Test was correct! It said I was having a girl and I am! WOW! ;)


rsbg said…
Addyson is my fave.... it is actually one of my 3 or 4 girl names I have picked out in the event we are EVER blessed with a little girl or girls. :-)
The Howell's said…
Rylee loves the name Addyson! I think maybe because her middle name is Madison? hahah :) I actually love the name Addyson as well. It's so hard to choose!

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