Just for fun....

So, for the fun of it, I purchased Intelligender! It is a kit that you can buy that tells you the gender of your baby. (a more expensive version of The Drano test) It says it's 90% accurate and I have known several women that did it and it was correct! I did it for fun. No way do I think it works.

I took the test Saturday morning and the results.....

A GIRL! We have our big sonogram on January 26th. Let's see if it's correct!
Until next time.....xoxo


rsbg said…
I can't wait to find out! Do you have names picked out?
The Howell's said…
yes, we have a boy name picked out since I was pregnant the first time - obviously didn't get to use it. We have several girls names picked out but it's hard to choose.

Boy: Mason Cole
Girl: Finley Cate (my fav)
Gracyn Makenzie
Harper Cate
rsbg said…
love all of them! i can't wait to see if the prediction is right!

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