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Guess what?

Most of you know about Michael {my brother} & Sarah's story {my SIL}. They have been trying to adopt for a while now. Last Oct, I wrote this post about their foster daughter. You can read about it here.

Well - 

Today, with EXTREME JOY & HAPPINESS I can tell you that Sweet miss priss is HOME. And she is HOME FOR GOOD!

Long story short - The cousin who had taken her in, and hoped to adopt her could no longer take care of her.  So she contacted CPS, told them what was going on, and made it clear that the only way she was going to part with her, was that Michael & Sarah get her back. How crazy is that? They were SUPER excited to get her back, and this AUNT was over the moon.

This all happened a few months ago. I was reluctant to blog about it, because I just felt like only close friends & family should know what was going on. Well, I am here to tell you, the bio dad signed over his rights, and sweet little priss is adoptable. YES, that means Michael & Sarah will ge…

Orange Beach

The first week of July, we headed out to Orange Beach, AL with my brother and his family. We had so much fun. The girls had a blast playing on the beach together. The weather was perfect, and even though the waves were larger than normal, the water felt amazing. Landry was more into the pool than the beach, but she was a good sport. A few nights we hunted crabs. The girls loved it! The last night we caught 8 crabs, and of course Rylee had to name all of them. Ha! The two little girls were scared to catch the crabs, so Rylee was the best crab hunter ever. {her words!} All in all, we had a great time, and look forward to going back next year.