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Wordless Wednesday

I {heart} these girls!

National Margarita Day

Yep, that's right! It's National Margarita Day. Who even knew this existed? Now, I love a good margarita. I like both frozen and on the rocks. If I have frozen, I ALWAYS order a strawberry margarita.....on the rocks, I order the original. Why? I'm not sure. ;-) So, which is your favorite? 


or on the rocks?

Since it is National Margarita Day, I may have to  break out the margarita machine! ha!

Go! Go have a margarita and enjoy!

Never Say Never....

That's what I said when Rylee first asked me to go see Justin Bieber's movie. ha!

What did we do tonight? We went to see it. . . . in 3D, of course! I am not a fan. I keep asking myself, "how do you make a documentary of your life when you're only 16?" He hasn't really lived yet. The movie was made well, but it just proved that he's still a kid. . . . a kid in a GROWN UP world. Remember Leanne Rimes? Making records at 12 or 13. . . . she grew up too fast, and look at her now. I hope he can continue a life of success, I really do.  I just wish he'd slow down a little. {that's the mom in me speaking}
BUT, Rylee doesn't understand all of that yet. She just enjoyed seeing his movie.  She thinks he's cute, and I guess at 5, that's all that matters. ;-)

Beauty. . . .Is it skin deep?

I decided to participate in this weeks Show Us Your Life: Beauty Secrets. 
I don't have many beauty secrets, but I will show you some of my favorite products.

First, I use Aveeno Baby as my shower gel. It makes your skin so soft and it smells great.  Not to mention, it's cheap! 

I wash my face with Dove Soap and use good ol' Oil of Olay for my moisturizer. I've used it the majority of life and probably won't change. I love it!! 
For my make up, I use M.A.C. I love their products. My favorite is MAC Cremesheen Glass. Unlike most lip gloss, it WILL NOT stick to your hair. ha! It's fabulous!!

Now, for my hair. I have curly, thick hair that is unruly. Seriously, it is OUT OF CONTROL.  I use Moroccan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner. It makes my hair feel so soft and silky and it smells great! Love, LOVE it!

I pretty much blow dry and straighten my hair everyday. It's a chore. {I CAN'T wait to get the express Keratin Blow Out} To straighten, I use the BabyBliss Pro 1&q…

Twenty Months

Landry Cate, you are TWENTY MONTHS old today! 
I know I say this every month, but seriously, where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday you were a teeny-tiny-baby! Today, you are my feisty 20 month old! You have the most, hilarious personality. You LOVE to put on a show. The more we watch, the funnier you are. It's hilarious, for sure! You are talking up a storm.....most words we understand, but there are a lot we have no idea what you are saying. ha! You still go to KDO and love it. You have learned so much. I am so happy I decided to enroll you, it's been great. They teach you one sign {language} a month and you seem to catch on pretty fast. You also love your teachers, Ms. Lindsay & Ms. Kristi, and you LOVE all your little friends. Sometimes when I pick you up from KDO, I stand at the door and watch you play, it's my favorite thing to do. 

You are starting to play with your big sister more. {when she allows it - ha!} And also, you have been playing with your …

SNOW 2011

Howdy y'all! Well, it snowed and we've been stuck at home for days. {it feels like weeks} If you know me at all, you know I DO NOT like to be stuck at home. I have been going stir crazy the past few days and the kids have been bouncing off the walls!! Tonight, I made Kasey take us out to dinner and Target. . . . only to find out Target was closed! GULP! So, we went to Walmart instead. It wasn't too terrible bad....we were basically the only ones in there. ha! ;-) Anyway - school is out again tomorrow and it will probably be out Friday as well. {sigh}  I may have to take these kids to Chuck E Cheese tomorrow  to let them burn off some energy! 
Enjoy a few photos of our snow.....