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Generic vs. Brand name

Ok, I will be the first to admit....I am a brand snob. Always have been. The other day I was in Target shopping for the usual - diapers & wipes. As I was cruising the diaper aisle, I noticed they didn't have the size I needed in my usual brand. Great! I thought. {didn't want to go to WM because they NEVER have the size I need} Anyway, I noticed the Target brand {Up & Up} diapers staring at me, so I thought, what the heck.  Grabbed the Up & Up brand wipes as well, and was on my way.  {I always use Huggies Natural diapers and Huggies Shay Butter wipes} 

{$20.99 for 124 diapers} {$13.69 for 792 - ct wipes}

 My thoughts about the diapers - They were GREAT! Soft and really absorbent. The wipes - not really soft and wasn't a fan of them.  From now on, I may buy the diapers, who knows about me, but definitely will stick with good ol' Huggies Wipes. :)
So, what do you use? Generic or Brand name? 

Wordless Wednesday

Playing dress up with her older sister! LOVE! {this was Rylee's first ever dance costume}

Goodbye Pacifier!

I decided when Landry turned 2, the ninny {pacifier} was going. Last Friday, she turned 2. It is turning out to be a lot harder than I thought. What am I going to do? I don't want her having a pacifier any longer. I should have taken it away when she turned one, but I didn't and I am kicking myself for it. ugh! My older child never took a pacifier, so I am new to this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! H-E-L-P!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Landry!

{Yes, I am a little late}

First, we started by having a little play group birthday celebration for Landry's birthday on Thursday. Her little friends came over and we had lunch and cupcakes. I think the kids had fun running around, playing, and the momma's enjoyed some adult conversation. I aways have fun with these ladies. 
{Jennifer & Jessica, we missed y'all}

Friday, June 10 was Landry's actual birthday. We were in Dallas visiting family so we celebrated by shopping,  mexican food for dinner {complete with a mariachi band - ha!} and of course, CAKE! I can't believe my baby is 2! Where does the time go? Happy Birthday to the funniest 2 year old I know. We love you Landry Cate!

Birthday. .. . .

Since Rylee's birthday party was 2 weeks ago, we decided to have a low key pizza party at home tonight. We enjoyed pizza and a cake from Rick's, of course. 
Happy Birthday, Rylee Madison! Love you! 

Happy Birthday, Rylee Madison!

Six years ago today, at this time {1:56 am}, I became a mom for the first time. I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was admitted to the hospital on June 7, 2005 at 5 am for induction. {little priss was a week late - ha!} After 18+ hrs, a last minute epidural, and then 2 hrs of pushing, she made her grand entrance on June the 8th at 1:56 am. All 7lbs 7 oz of her was beautiful and I was so full of joy. My family was still at the hospital by the time I delivered {they arrived at 9 am that morning} and after delivery, they rushed in to see her. Of course, they couldn't wait to their hands on her. 
Baby Rylee

 Happy Birthday sweet girl. You are the sassiest 6 yr old I know. You are so fun and you bring great joy to our lives. You make me laugh daily and I am super proud of the young  lady you are becoming. We love you! 

And . . . . .

June 8th is also my brother's birthday, and it's special to me that my daughter and my brother share a birthday. 
Happy Birthday, Michael!!

Last Day of Kindergarten

Today, I dropped my first baby off for her last day of kindergarten. Yes, LAST DAY of kindergarten. I can't believe she will be a 1st grader next year. Where on earth did this year go? This morning I went to her Proud Panther Assembly. She received the Reading Award and I am SUPER proud of her! She has done so well this year. I can't wait to see how she grows and matures this summer. My baby is growing up right before my eyes, whether I'm ready or not. 
Here are a few pics we took this morning. Enjoy! 

Last day of Kindergarten. June 7, 2011

On stage with her Reading Award

Of course, what is a picture without your baby sister?

Mrs. Ragland's Class

School is out..... {well, for one kid anyway}

Today was Landry's last day of school {moms day out}. I think she's going to miss school and her little friends this summer. Every time we pass the church, she points and says, "cool" {school - ha!}. I love that she loves to go. It has been great this year, and we are definitely looking forward to a new school year in September. From the first day of school, to the last, she's changed so much. In a week, she will be 2. WOW!  Where has the year gone? They grow up to fast. 

First day of school - Sept 2010

Miss Priss on her last day of school - June 2011

Not only was it the last day of school, she also celebrated her birthday {which is next week}. I took yummy iced sugar cookies from Ricks Bakery, and a party favor bag filled with bubbles, chalk, and suckers for each of the kids in her class.  Hope they had a good time. :)

Wordless Wednesday

I love this kid!