Generic vs. Brand name

Ok, I will be the first to admit....I am a brand snob. Always have been. The other day I was in Target shopping for the usual - diapers & wipes. As I was cruising the diaper aisle, I noticed they didn't have the size I needed in my usual brand. Great! I thought. {didn't want to go to WM because they NEVER have the size I need} Anyway, I noticed the Target brand {Up & Up} diapers staring at me, so I thought, what the heck.  Grabbed the Up & Up brand wipes as well, and was on my way.  {I always use Huggies Natural diapers and Huggies Shay Butter wipes} 

{$20.99 for 124 diapers}
{$13.69 for 792 - ct wipes}

 My thoughts about the diapers - They were GREAT! Soft and really absorbent. The wipes - not really soft and wasn't a fan of them.  From now on, I may buy the diapers, who knows about me, but definitely will stick with good ol' Huggies Wipes. :)

So, what do you use? Generic or Brand name? 


I'm with you on the diapers...I've never had much luck with any of the off brands, though I actually haven't tried Target...might have to though! As far as wipes, I definitely don't like any of the off brands...I've tried them all but it's just not worth it. Thanks for the heads up on the Target diapers though!
Hannah said…
Funny, I hate the up & up diapers. They actually left M with a sore around his thigh because they were so rough. I don't mind the wipes, way cheaper when you buy them in bulk, even if you do have to use 2 instead of one.

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