School is out..... {well, for one kid anyway}

Today was Landry's last day of school {moms day out}. I think she's going to miss school and her little friends this summer. Every time we pass the church, she points and says, "cool" {school - ha!}. I love that she loves to go. It has been great this year, and we are definitely looking forward to a new school year in September. From the first day of school, to the last, she's changed so much. In a week, she will be 2. WOW! 
Where has the year gone? They grow up to fast. 

First day of school - Sept 2010

Miss Priss on her last day of school - June 2011

Not only was it the last day of school, she also celebrated her birthday {which is next week}. I took yummy iced sugar cookies from Ricks Bakery, and a party favor bag filled with bubbles, chalk, and suckers for each of the kids in her class. 
Hope they had a good time. :) 


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