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New Years Eve

Hey ya'll! I can't believe in just a few short hours, it will be a new year! I've been hearing friends talk about New Years Resolutions, and it makes me so happy that I do not make any. Don't get me wrong, I use to make my list every year, and like the majority of people, I stopped following that list about two months into the new year. Right after my mom died, I vowed to never make another new years resolution list, and I haven't. 
Life is too short!  Why wait until a new year begins to make a change, or try something new? If you are wanting to make changes or lose some weight, or whatever it may be, why not start now? Why wait? I just don't understand? 
I also cringe when I hear people ask, "Would you like a do-over?" No, I would not. Why would I want to go back and change the things I've done in my past? No matter what you've done in your past, or if your past has been good, bad, or ugly, it's still your past, and all the things in your p…

Christmas 2011

The week leading up to Christmas, I was super sick w/a nasty sinus infection! That Friday, we loaded up, and headed out to Dallas. With me being sick, the drive was horrible. We got to Dallas around 6, and did a little shopping, then I found the nearest Care Now, and just as I suspected, I had a sinus infection, and a double ear infection. Fabulous. I got my prescription, and was off to our hotel. The next day was Christmas Eve, and after sleeping in, I went shopping with my aunt for a while, then headed back to our hotel to change and head out to my Nan's. Ever since I was born, my mom's side of the family celebrates Christmas at my Nan's on Christmas Eve. It's always so much fun! {even though I was so sick} A few years ago, we stopped buying for the adults and just buy gifts for the kids. Although this year, we each drew a name, and filled up the persons stocking. That was a lot fun. We enjoyed going through our stockings, and laughed at some of the stuff we got. We …

Rylee's Christmas Party at school

Friday before winter break, Rylee had her little Christmas Party at school. It was a lot of fun. They had three different stations set up - an ornament decorating station, a cookie station, and pin the nose on the snowman. I think they kids had a lot of fun. :) 

Landry's Christmas Party

Monday before winter break, Landry's class had their little Christmas party. It was also jammie week at school- so FUN! I stayed for the little party, and they had so much fun. They decorated gingerbread cookies, ate snacks, and had a little movie party - complete with "popcorn." {it was puffed corn} I think it was a complete success. Thursday they did it all over again because some of the kids only go one day a week, so they don't want to leave anyone out. But momma didn't go to Thursday's party - I had a lunch date with my girls. Woohoo!

{2011} Christmas Card

Today I am linking up with Faith's Christmas Card Carousel. Hope you get a chance to check out all the cute cards this year! Enjoy. :)

I think this card is by far my favorite Christmas card ever! 



Student of The Week

Friday afternoon, Rylee came running in after school, and with great excitement, told me she was student of the week! {she has been wanting this since school started. ha!} So, Sunday night, her and I worked on her story board. We had so much fun filling it out, adding photos, and lots of glitter. My office still has glitter everywhere. Ugh! She was so excited come Monday morning to take her story board to school. Her teacher hangs it outside the classroom for all to see. SO fun! Each student of the week also gets acknowledged at the Monday morning assembly - The Bobcat Blastoff! 
Boy, was she proud. {and of course, this momma was super  proud} 
{now that she's been student of the week, she told me this evening she wanted to be president - yes, as in president of the US. Mercy!}

Christmas Parade 2011

Rylee's dance company {BakStage Dance} decided to enter a float in the Rogers Christmas parade this year, and the theme was The Nutcracker. The parade was Monday night, and MERCY! It was SO cold, like 20 degrees, and the wind was out of control. Not a fun evening outside. The girls were troopers, though. {their float was #78 out of 90, so they were outside for a good bit} 

Here are a few photos pre-parade. Since it was so cold, the kids were so bundled up, you couldn't tell what they were. Rylee's group were mice. So cute.

{sorry the photos are not the best. I took them with my phone}