Student of The Week

Friday afternoon, Rylee came running in after school, and with great excitement, told me she was student of the week! {she has been wanting this since school started. ha!} So, Sunday night, her and I worked on her story board. We had so much fun filling it out, adding photos, and lots of glitter. My office still has glitter everywhere. Ugh! She was so excited come Monday morning to take her story board to school. Her teacher hangs it outside the classroom for all to see. SO fun! Each student of the week also gets acknowledged at the Monday morning assembly - The Bobcat Blastoff! 

Boy, was she proud. {and of course, this momma was super  proud} 

{now that she's been student of the week, she told me this evening she wanted to be president - yes, as in president of the US. Mercy!}


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