Christmas 2011

The week leading up to Christmas, I was super sick w/a nasty sinus infection! That Friday, we loaded up, and headed out to Dallas. With me being sick, the drive was horrible. We got to Dallas around 6, and did a little shopping, then I found the nearest Care Now, and just as I suspected, I had a sinus infection, and a double ear infection. Fabulous. I got my prescription, and was off to our hotel. The next day was Christmas Eve, and after sleeping in, I went shopping with my aunt for a while, then headed back to our hotel to change and head out to my Nan's. Ever since I was born, my mom's side of the family celebrates Christmas at my Nan's on Christmas Eve. It's always so much fun! {even though I was so sick} A few years ago, we stopped buying for the adults and just buy gifts for the kids. Although this year, we each drew a name, and filled up the persons stocking. That was a lot fun. We enjoyed going through our stockings, and laughed at some of the stuff we got. We may have to do the same thing next year! :) 

On Christmas Day, we always spend it with my dad. We usually head to Houston, but this year, they came to Dallas. :) We always have fun with my dad on Christmas. Again, we only buy for the kiddos, so we sit around and usually laugh ourselves silly. ;-)


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