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Girl Scouts

Anyone know anything about Girl Scouts? I don't! This is the only thing I know about Girl Scouts.

Rylee wanted to join Girl Scouts last year, but we were so busy . . . . ok, I just didn't want to deal with it. I thought she'd forget about it this year. WRONG! Back to school night last week, they had a Girl Scout table set up, and guess who made a beeline to find out some info? Yep, the girl did. She gave me the sweet, 'Please mom', with the big puppy dog eyes, and I caved. We have a parents meeting next week. I hope I can learn a lot, cause' I know nothing! {about Girl Scouts}

First Day of School 2011

My 1st grader!

Good-bye summer. . . School starts tomorrow!

Summer vacation is over. :(  Tomorrow is the first day of school!  I can't believe my baby will be a 1st grader.

50 things about me . . . . .you may or may not know.

My friend Ashley over at Ashley's Avenue did this today, and it was kind of neat, so I am doing it too!

1. I am from Texas - born and raised.
2. Moved to NW Arkansas 6 years ago.
3. My mom died in 1999. I was only 22. Two weeks shy of being 23.
4. I LOVE mexican food. Could eat it every night.
5. Of course, you can't love mexican food without a good margarita!
6. During both pregnancies, I ate at Hooter's like 3 nights a week. The other 2 nights, I wanted mexican food.
7. Can't live without Diet Coke.
8. I don't like the taste of water, but drink it anyway.
9. I have two tattoos. {a ladybug & a four leaf clover}
10. Wish I went to Law school. Maybe one day.
11. LOVE to shop. I can always justify a purchase.
12. Hate to have my photo taken
13. My hair has been gray since I was 25. {thank you highlights}
14. pedicures are my guilty pleasure.
15. Would love to have another baby!
16. Wish I knew how to sew.
17. H-A-T-E to cook.
18. Don't eat seafood or chinese.
19. Love…

Dallas, baby!

Last weekend, Landry and I flew to Dallas for my cousin's bridal shower. Yes, it was her first flight, and I was a little nervous. The flight going was a little rough towards the end, but the return flight was great. She slept the entire flight. :) Here are a few pictures I took with my phone. Enjoy! 

{ready for take off!}
{fixing her tray table}
{she kept saying, "Oh no, oooh no, ooooh no momma!?}
{this photo cracks me up. I guess she was comfy?}