August 15, 2011

Girl Scouts

Anyone know anything about Girl Scouts? I don't! This is the only thing I know about Girl Scouts.


Rylee wanted to join Girl Scouts last year, but we were so busy . . . . ok, I just didn't want to deal with it. I thought she'd forget about it this year. WRONG! Back to school night last week, they had a Girl Scout table set up, and guess who made a beeline to find out some info? Yep, the girl did. She gave me the sweet, 'Please mom', with the big puppy dog eyes, and I caved. We have a parents meeting next week. I hope I can learn a lot, cause' I know nothing! {about Girl Scouts}

First Day of School 2011

My 1st grader! 

August 14, 2011

Good-bye summer. . . School starts tomorrow!

Summer vacation is over. :( 
Tomorrow is the first day of school! 
I can't believe my baby will be a 1st grader. 

August 13, 2011

50 things about me . . . . .you may or may not know.

My friend Ashley over at Ashley's Avenue did this today, and it was kind of neat, so I am doing it too!

1. I am from Texas - born and raised.
2. Moved to NW Arkansas 6 years ago.
3. My mom died in 1999. I was only 22. Two weeks shy of being 23.
4. I LOVE mexican food. Could eat it every night.
5. Of course, you can't love mexican food without a good margarita!
6. During both pregnancies, I ate at Hooter's like 3 nights a week. The other 2 nights, I wanted mexican food.
7. Can't live without Diet Coke.
8. I don't like the taste of water, but drink it anyway.
9. I have two tattoos. {a ladybug & a four leaf clover}
10. Wish I went to Law school. Maybe one day.
11. LOVE to shop. I can always justify a purchase.
12. Hate to have my photo taken
13. My hair has been gray since I was 25. {thank you highlights}
14. pedicures are my guilty pleasure.
15. Would love to have another baby!
16. Wish I knew how to sew.
17. H-A-T-E to cook.
18. Don't eat seafood or chinese.
19. Love monogramming stuff.
20. My favorite movie is Steel Magnolias.
21. I love to make cupcakes.
22. My favorite season is Spring.
23. I wish I had time to volunteer.
24. Would love to join Junior League.
25. I love Bon Jovi.
26. I go to Sonic happy hour almost every day.
27. Neither one of my girls had a pink nursery.
28. My favorite color is PINK.
29. Recently, I've become a junk shop addict. Love to look for antiques or refurbished furniture.
30. LOVE garlic bread.
31. would like to have smaller boobs. For real.
32. look forward to getting mail.
33. love getting my hair washed.
34. got married July 3, at a country club, outside in Texas. HOT!
35. NEVER wear sandals or flip-flops without my toes being painted.
36. a believer in giving blood.
37. an organ donor.
38. Conservative.
39. wish I had longer eyelashes.
40. I have three younger brothers.
41. I like having breakfast for dinner.
42. Sometimes I order dessert instead of dinner. Let's face it, sometimes you really only want dessert anyway.
43. I am terrified of snakes and spiders.
44. gymnastics fan.
45. fan of all music except techno. You should see what's on my iPod.
46. III Forks is my favorite restaurant. {in Texas}
47. my favorite ice cream is strawberry.
48. I'm not a Twilight fan. Harry Potter either.
49. To Kill A Mockingbird is my favorite book.
50. my girls will never have bangs. {ha!}

August 11, 2011

Dallas, baby!

Last weekend, Landry and I flew to Dallas for my cousin's bridal shower. Yes, it was her first flight, and I was a little nervous. The flight going was a little rough towards the end, but the return flight was great. She slept the entire flight. :) Here are a few pictures I took with my phone. Enjoy! 

{ready for take off!}

{fixing her tray table}

{she kept saying, "Oh no, oooh no, ooooh no momma!?}

{this photo cracks me up. I guess she was comfy?}