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A little Sunday afternoon blog.....

This should be an interesting week. KC left bright & early this morning for Dallas. He is to be gone until late Thursday. Yay me! Not really.... It's so hard when he travels. Before we had Rylee is was no big deal but now I have to be everything. The cook, the maid, the mom & the dad. Rylee thinks she rules the roost when KC is gone. HA! We are going to put a stop to that.

Had a good weekend. It rained but cleared up long enough Saturday night for us to check out the Frisco Festival. Oh boy was it fun. ;) I guess it was ok. We met our friends and their kids and had fun walking around, eating fried food with them. Rylee and KC did ride the super slide twice and her and I rode the carousel. I can't wait until October.....State Fair of Texas time. Rylee had a blast last year. I think this year will be even better. She is old enough to ride all the kiddy rides. Hopefully we can get Chris & Julie to come along and bring Emma. The girls had a blast together last year.


The Howell's are trying for baby number 2!

Hello! I know it's been a while since my last post but frankly, I have just been lazy. Not only lazy but I forget to blog. How do you forget to blog? Anyway, you would think with this insane case of insomnia I have, I would be blogging at all hours of the night. Nope! Doesn't even cross my mind. I promise I will do better about updating this thing.

Now, on to better things. My friend Julie, who I said in my last blog was pregnant, found out she is having a boy. A BOY! Yea! I am so excited for her. I think she was freaking out a little because she thinks she doesn't know what to do with a boy. She will be ok and she will get the hang of raising a little boy. She is due mid December and I can't wait to see him. The two ladies in my mom's group that are pregnant - Julia & Danielle, found out what they were having as well. Julia is having another little girl and is due Dec 1st.. Pretty sure her name will be Piper but we will see. What a cute name, Piper! Can't …