A little Sunday afternoon blog.....

This should be an interesting week. KC left bright & early this morning for Dallas. He is to be gone until late Thursday. Yay me! Not really.... It's so hard when he travels. Before we had Rylee is was no big deal but now I have to be everything. The cook, the maid, the mom & the dad. Rylee thinks she rules the roost when KC is gone. HA! We are going to put a stop to that.

Had a good weekend. It rained but cleared up long enough Saturday night for us to check out the Frisco Festival. Oh boy was it fun. ;) I guess it was ok. We met our friends and their kids and had fun walking around, eating fried food with them. Rylee and KC did ride the super slide twice and her and I rode the carousel. I can't wait until October.....State Fair of Texas time. Rylee had a blast last year. I think this year will be even better. She is old enough to ride all the kiddy rides. Hopefully we can get Chris & Julie to come along and bring Emma. The girls had a blast together last year.

Now, on to Baby Talk - took the clomid, did the deed last week on my fertile days and should have ovulated Thursday (aug 21). I go in on Tuesday to have blood work done to see if I actually ovulated or not. I so hope I did. More than anything I am hoping I did get pregnant this time around. That would make my year! I'm not getting too excited, yet. According to my ovulation kit, I can test August 31st. I don't think I will. I will probably wait until I miss my period, which is suppose to come September 4th. Maybe I will have some fantastic news for everyone? Let's wait and see. Wish us luck!

I can't believe Labor Day weekend is this coming weekend. Where has this summer gone? Michael & Sarah are coming to visit and Rylee is so excited. We pick them up on Friday and they will be here until Sept. 1st. Yay!

Before I forget, Rylee started back to school on Aug. 19th. She was not thrilled this time. Her teacher said she cried for me all day. I don't know why she is being clingy all the sudden? Maybe she got really attached to me this summer. Not sure. Her second day of school was better but you could tell when I picked her she was excited to be leaving. Hopefully the rest of the school year goes smooth. Gotta wait and see!

Until next time........XOXO


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