The Howell's are trying for baby number 2!

Hello! I know it's been a while since my last post but frankly, I have just been lazy. Not only lazy but I forget to blog. How do you forget to blog? Anyway, you would think with this insane case of insomnia I have, I would be blogging at all hours of the night. Nope! Doesn't even cross my mind. I promise I will do better about updating this thing.

Now, on to better things. My friend Julie, who I said in my last blog was pregnant, found out she is having a boy. A BOY! Yea! I am so excited for her. I think she was freaking out a little because she thinks she doesn't know what to do with a boy. She will be ok and she will get the hang of raising a little boy. She is due mid December and I can't wait to see him. The two ladies in my mom's group that are pregnant - Julia & Danielle, found out what they were having as well. Julia is having another little girl and is due Dec 1st.. Pretty sure her name will be Piper but we will see. What a cute name, Piper! Can't wait to meet her. Danielle found out she is having a boy. She is due around Christmas time. So exciting! His name will be hunter Thomas - so cute! Can't wait to meet him.

All these ladies having babies! Who couldn't resist jumping on that baby train. Not me, that's for sure. I have one last dose of Clomid to take tomorrow and next week we will be on our way trying for baby #2. I am beyond excited. You know the excitement that you can feel in your toes, in your eyes, in every beat of your heart? That is the excitment I have just thinking about having another baby. Not sure how Miss Priss is going to handle having to share her attention with a new baby but I think she is ready. Definitely ready to boss a baby brother or a baby sister around. She already bosses the new kitty cat around like it's her little baby. It's so funny to watch! While I am super excited to have another baby, I am super scared at the same time. How do you love a second baby as much as your first? How do you find time for both? My other concerns are, since I am on Clomid, what the hell are we going to do if we have twins? I do watch Jon & Kate plus 8 and hello - she was on Clomid when she got knocked up with 6, yes 6 babies!

If, and I stress if, we were to find ourselves in the multiple situation, we would be thrilled. Shocked, scared and thrilled. My grandfather is a twin and since it runs in our family, I am a good candidate for twins so I guess we will see what happens.

Stay tuned for another update on baby #2.

Until next time......... XOXO


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