August 26, 2013

1 week down, a lot more to go!

I can't believe the first week of school is over, and we are starting on the second week. Woohoo! I am happy to report that Rylee LOVES her new school. I was a little worried about the transition from public school to private school, but she has done great. She is excited to go, and brags about how much she loves it. SO happy! Have y'all started back to school? If so, how was it?

 I hope this year is wonderful for all. 

August 19, 2013

First Day of School

It's that time again. . . . . 

 Today is the first day of school! I can't believe I have a 3rd grader! 

August 8, 2013

Where did summer go?

I can't believe Rylee starts school in a few short weeks. Where did the summer go? It seemed like it flew by. Both girls are enrolled in school, school supplies, new backpacks & lunch boxes have been purchased, and the only thing left to do is buy Rylee's school uniforms. Can't believe I am on top of it this year. GO me. ;) 

I am really excited about Rylee's new school in San Antonio. It's small, and I think she's going to enjoy it. I can't believe my baby will be in 3rd grade! EEEEK! Can't wait for meet the teacher night. I heard she was FAB! 

Landry will be going to a new preschool, and she is SUPER excited. It's called Rainbow Station. To be honest, it's not the type of preschool I ever dreamed she'd go to. For the past 3 years, she's gone to KDO at a church. We loved it! She loved it! When we moved here, I searched for the best preschool, and Rainbow Station came highly recommended. I didn't tour them first, because I wanted her to go to a christian preschool. I looked at like 8, and there was something wrong with each one of them. One particular school was WAY out of my price range - think state college tuition for a year. :-/ YIKES! I couldn't believe it! I mean, it's preschool. Two days a week!!! Anyway, Rainbow Station is the last place I looked, and the place I enrolled her. Funny how that works. I almost didn't give it a look! SO glad I did.

The BEST things about it -

- The Pre-K 4 class teacher is a certified teacher. YAY! 

- My fav part, they have a school clinic/nurse. SCORE! How awesome is that? 

- They go on one field trip a month. FUN!

- The classroom is so bright and colorful. They even have mini lockers. LOVE!

- The playground is nice and shaded. SO important for TX. ha!

Are y'all ready for SCHOOL? We are! Hope the rest of your summer is fun, fun, fun!