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a few of my favorite things

Here is what I am loving right now -

A few months ago I was introduced to these two products by my hairstylist. LOVE both of them.
12 Benefits & Agadir Heat Shield 450 

you can purchase both online or at participating salons. I did hear that select  Target stores carry the Agadin Hair Shield. 

Now, to my fav brush EVER! I was super happy to discover this gem. It's the BEST detangling brush. Seriously. It slides through wet hair like butter. GO get one. NOW. You can buy online at or at Ulta. 

Let's talk shampoo & conditioner. I've always been the one to say/think the more expensive the shampoo/conditioner, the better. I'm starting to rethink that. I've used a ton of different salon shampoo/conditioners, and some I've liked, some I could do without. I did discover Organix a while back, and while I liked it, I didn't use it much. I went back to my salon brand, and didn't think about it again. UNTIL...... I bought these for my daught…

Guess what . . . . .

Ya'll, we have INTERNET! Woohoo! This girl is so excited to be back in the land of living. ha. ;) Seriously, a month of no internet/cable is NOT good in this house. 
Gotta go unpack these boxes that line our hallways.
Talk to you soon! 

Still no .....

Internet! Oh.em.gee. AT&T has not installed our U-verse yet, and it's driving me cra-zy! I mean, I'm missing Real Housewives, one kid is mad because she has no wifi for her iPad - she needs to FaceTime her BFF, and the other kid just wants her dang Doc McStuffins!

 They were supposed to install on June 5th- didn't happen because the fiber optic line was damaged. Said it would take 3 days to repair, and then they could install. It's now day 10, and NO ONE has been here to repair the cable. Ugh! I've called them so many times, I'm sure they have my number on alert. Ha!  Seriously, they need to get it together. I need Internet. Blogging from my phone is not fun. Most of the time my post get lost, like Landry's happy 4th birthday post. Who knows where that is. Maybe AT&T can find it when they finally install my uverse? 


Before we headed to San Antonio, we stayed the night in Dallas with my brother & sister in law. That evening, we had a family cookout at their house, and the girls had a blast playing in the water. 

Happy birthday, Rylee!

Mercy! I cannot believe my first baby is 8! It seems like she was just born. Since she already had her party, we had a low key celebration. We had lunch, did a little shopping at La Cantera, and really enjoyed the day! 
Happy birthday, Miss Priss! You're the light of my life, and I love you to the moon and back!!

Rylee's 8th birthday party

Before we left NWA, we celebrated Rylee's birthday with all her friends. She wanted an art party, and it was perfect. The girls had a blast! 

My little June bugs

Since the girls' birthdays are two days apart {June 8 & 10}, we decided to celebrate them today. {they had birthday parties before we left NWA} We went downtown to eat lunch, then we headed to the children's museum. Love, love, love the San Antonio Children's Museum. The girls had a blast.

 After the museum, we headed home for naps, then off to dinner. After dinner, we had cupcakes & they opened their big present- a trip to Disney World. They are SUPER excited! Last time we went to Disney, Rylee was 5 & Landry was 9 months old. I think Landry's going to love it this year. She's been running around the house saying, "I get to meet minnie, I get to meet minnie!" So cute! 

Landry's actual birthday is tomorrow, so I'm sure we'll find something fun to do. Talk to y'all soon! 

P.S. Still no uverse! Hopefully this week. ;)

Oh, hello from San Antonio

We're here! The move went great, and the unpacking is slowly, but surely coming along. Our U-Verse has not been installed yet, so I just wanted to give a quick update via my phone. 
Here is what I have so far:
The bad:
- it's HOT! In the last 7 years I've managed to forget how hot Texas is. 
- no u-verse. {install date is next week. Boo!}  No TV/Internet is brutal. Ha! My kid needs to watch Doc McStuffins dang it! ;)
- big city traffic. 

The good:
- Nordstrom - the outlet mall in San Marcos - Whataburger - SUPER Target. Like on every corner - H.E.B  - Rudy's Barbq
There is definitely a lot more good, than bad. I'm excited for our new adventure here in San Antonio. 

Goodbye Northwest Arkansas.....

Hello Texas!

For those of you who are new here, we are moving back to Texas. TODAY!
While I am SUPER excited about being back in my home state,
I will say I am a bit sad about leaving NWA. 
- I've made some pretty incredible friends here.
- My second baby was born here. 
- This is my first baby's only home she remembers. 
As much as I thought I'd never say this.......
I LOVE living here. I love the people. I love the friends I've made. 
I thought NWA would be our permanent home. 
So, yes I'm excited about moving "home",  BUT I'm also sad about leaving the  place we've called "home" for the last 7 years. We will miss you all. 

Thanks for all the great memories, Northwest Arkansas
This is not good-bye, it's SEE YA' LATER, Ya'll!