Still no .....

Internet! Oh.em.gee. AT&T has not installed our U-verse yet, and it's driving me cra-zy! I mean, I'm missing Real Housewives, one kid is mad because she has no wifi for her iPad - she needs to FaceTime her BFF, and the other kid just wants her dang Doc McStuffins!

 They were supposed to install on June 5th- didn't happen because the fiber optic line was damaged. Said it would take 3 days to repair, and then they could install. It's now day 10, and NO ONE has been here to repair the cable. Ugh! I've called them so many times, I'm sure they have my number on alert. Ha! 
Seriously, they need to get it together. I need Internet. Blogging from my phone is not fun. Most of the time my post get lost, like Landry's happy 4th birthday post. Who knows where that is. Maybe AT&T can find it when they finally install my uverse? 


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