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HAPPY HALLOWEEN from The Howell's!

Pumpkin Patch

Tuesday, Rylee had another field trip. The Pumpkin Patch! But this pumpkin patch was mobile - it came to the school. ;-) The kids learned different things about pumpkins,{ Did you know ALL pumpkins float?}, they played games, played in the trailer full of corn, and picked out their very own pumpkin to bring home. I think they had a good time.

State Fair of Texas

Last weekend, we went to one of my favorite places in Texas - the great STATE FAIR of TEXAS. I love going to the fair. I look forward to the fair every year - even now that we live in Northwest Arkansas. Rylee loves the fair just as much as I do. She loves riding all the kid rides over and over. :-) This was Landry's first year to experience the fair. She was ok, I think it was too crowded for her. ha! Of course, we enjoyed all the yummy goodness of the fair food. I'm still recovering. ;-) If you've never been to the State Fair of Texas - you're missing out. You need to go at least once - you will love it.  Here are a few pictures of our day at the fair.

Fire Station field trip

Friday {Oct 8}, Rylee went on her first field trip - to the FIRE STATION. I went with her class, and they had a great time. We walked from the school, and I think the kids enjoyed it. The weather was great! At the fire station, they learned about the different trucks & tools. It was funny watching them get so excited.We also toured the fire station museum, which was neat. They toured the inside of the station, and even got a peek at the fireman's sleeping quarters as well as the kitchen. ;-)


HOME  is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting  to get back to. ~John Ed Pearce
I grew up in Small Town, USA  - also known as, Rockwall, Texas. Born & raised in Texas, I never wanted to live anywhere else. I lived close to my family my whole life. My Nanny down the street to the left, and my aunt, uncle & cousins down the street to the right, and my other aunt & uncle lived across town. We were close....{ although, I did move to Ft. Lauderdale, Flordia for a year, but was so homesick, I moved back HOME} Up until May 2006, I lived in Texas and could not be happier.  When I married my husband, I knew what I was getting myself into. I knew the kind of work industry he was in, there was ALWAYS a possibility that we would have to move - I just never imagined it would actually happen. Sure, there were several offers on the table to move - Idaho {BLAH! this girl is not a potato farmer!} and Arizona. Neither one of the positions ever took off, so we stayed put. …