HOME  is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting
 to get back to. ~John Ed Pearce

I grew up in Small Town, USA  - also known as, Rockwall, Texas. Born & raised in Texas, I never wanted to live anywhere else. I lived close to my family my whole life. My Nanny down the street to the left, and my aunt, uncle & cousins down the street to the right, and my other aunt & uncle lived across town. We were close....{ although, I did move to Ft. Lauderdale, Flordia for a year, but was so homesick, I moved back HOME} Up until May 2006, I lived in Texas and could not be happier.  When I married my husband, I knew what I was getting myself into. I knew the kind of work industry he was in, there was ALWAYS a possibility that we would have to move - I just never imagined it would actually happen. Sure, there were several offers on the table to move - Idaho {BLAH! this girl is not a potato farmer!} and Arizona. Neither one of the positions ever took off, so we stayed put. One evening, I got a phone call. . . .my hubby was out of town, and as he was sitting on the company jet, about to take off, he says, "Babe, I got a great offer, but it's in Bentonville, AR and I need to let them know by tomorrow, gotta go, plane is taking off!" WHAT? I wanted to throw up! I dropped the phone, and cried. Here I was, a thirty-year-old woman with a 9 month old baby, crying like a crazy person. It was real & it was happening too fast. I will never forget moving day. It was mother's day. Not only was I sad about not being able to share it with my mom, but I also had to say good-bye to my family.
 It was one of the saddest days of my life.

Fast forward - I came to Northwest Arkansas with a bad attitude. I moved here hoping and praying that we would move back to Texas sooner rather than later. Here we are, 4 years later and I am not the Texas girl anymore. I am now the girl from Texas, living in Northwest Arkansas. I love my new friends here. They've helped me settle in and make this my home. I love going back to Texas to visit my family, but that's just it - I feel like a visitor. I always find by the end of trip, I want to go home. Crazy how that works, huh?
 I do miss my family & friends in Texas, but for now, this is my home,
 and I have decided to embrace it. 

My roots will always be in Texas, but my wings have to chosen to bring me here, and I have to be okay about it. . . . .and I am.


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