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Confession of a guilty mom

I will be the first to admit, I like nice things. I want my children to have the best of everything - including the opportunity to attend the best schools. Since the moment Rylee was born, I've thought about the day she would start kindergarten. I just knew she would attend private school, and a great one at that. So, when the time came to enroll her in kindergarten, I did just that. I enrolled her in a private school that I loved. I was excited & looked forward to the first day of school. The closer it got to the new school year, I began to talk to different people about schools. Not only did I speak to moms, but a lot of teachers as well. Believe me, they all had opinions about the schools around here- both public and private. The more and more I discussed it, the more I was unsure about my decision to have Rylee attend private school. For two months, I prayed and prayed. I toured several public schools and one day I did it - I called the private school, withdrew Ry, and en…

Happy Fall, y'all!

It's FALL in Northwest Arkansas! So excited! I am normally a summer kind of gal, but this summer has been super H-O-T that I am actually looking forward to cooler weather, the leaves changing colors, pumpkins, HALLOWEEN, THANKSGIVING, and all that fall has to offer.
Since it's starting to feel like fall, I thought it would be fun to add some new fall items I am loving right now. . . .

                                I just bought these, and they are super comfy!

     I love Tyler Candle Company Candles!  For Fall, I usually get orange vanilla. It's smells heavenly!

This cute little owl necklace is precious!


Soccer is in full swing around here. Rylee had her second soccer game Monday night, and they won! Woohoo! {they won the first game as well} She has never played any sort of organized sport before, and I have to say, she is doing really well. She LOVES it! Between dance & soccer - this momma is worn out. ;-)

Go Team Revolution!

Where Were You When. . .

the world stopped turning on that September day? 9 years later, and I still get chills whenever I hear this. I can remember that I had taken the day off. I was lying in bed watching the news when the story broke, and I actually watched live footage of the second plane crashing through the tower. I was in shock more than anything - I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I thought it was some sort of joke at first.... Ultimately, it wasn't. I stayed in bed the whole day watching the news. I cried, I prayed, and I cried some more. I was numb.I was angry. To think of all the men & women who died that day.....the day the world stopped turning. Today I pray for the families of the victims of 9/11, for the fallen heroes, and for the brave men & women fighting for our freedom.

Landry is 15 months today!

Landry, you are 15 months old today. Boy does time fly. You are growing so fast, Miss Priss. You are the happiest baby -you never sit still! You love to laugh, you love to dance, you love your baby dolls & you love, love to play with your big sister, Rylee. 
What a big girl.

We love you!

Landry's First Day of KDO

Landry's first day of KDO was yesterday & she did GREAT! She went right to her teacher and starting playing. I was beyond shocked. I really think this is going to be good for her. When I picked her up, she was asleep - they must have worn them out. Her little report sheet said she did really well, ate all her food, and plays well with others. Yay! Nothing like starting out on the right foot. :-) Here are a few pictures I took when I dropped her off. Enjoy!

Hugging Ms. Lindsey

She went right over and started playing!

A new friend!

Her name plaque! So cute!

One tired baby girl! School is rough!

Tomorrow is the BIG day

Tomorrow is Landry's first day at Kids Day Out. :-) I really, really hope she enjoys it - I think it will be good for her to be around other kids her age {she's never been left with anyone before}. Tuesday night was, Meet The Teacher night, and she wasn't too excited. As soon as we walked into her little classroom, she freaked out and started crying. She would not let me put her down. I felt so bad for her, and her teachers. We were there for a little while, and she finally got down to play with the puzzles. I hope tomorrow is a little less dramatic. I really liked her teachers, and I think she will do fine once I'm gone. {let's hope anyway} ;-)

Here are a few pictures from the other night. :-)

I will let y'all know how tomorrow goes!

Until next time . . . .xoxo