Landry's First Day of KDO

Landry's first day of KDO was yesterday & she did GREAT! She went right to her teacher and starting playing. I was beyond shocked. I really think this is going to be good for her. When I picked her up, she was asleep - they must have worn them out. Her little report sheet said she did really well, ate all her food, and plays well with others. Yay! Nothing like starting out on the right foot. :-) Here are a few pictures I took when I dropped her off. Enjoy!

Hugging Ms. Lindsey

She went right over and started playing!

A new friend!

Her name plaque! So cute!

One tired baby girl! School is rough!


Ashley said…
SOOO adorable! And how funny that we have each other's girls in our pictures! I just love it!!! =)

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