Where Were You When. . .

the world stopped turning on that September day? 9 years later, and I still get chills whenever I hear this. I can remember that I had taken the day off. I was lying in bed watching the news when the story broke, and I actually watched live footage of the second plane crashing through the tower. I was in shock more than anything - I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I thought it was some sort of joke at first.... Ultimately, it wasn't. I stayed in bed the whole day watching the news. I cried, I prayed, and I cried some more. I was numb.I was angry. To think of all the men & women who died that day.....the day the world stopped turning. Today I pray for the families of the victims of 9/11, for the fallen heroes, and for the brave men & women fighting for our freedom.




Ashley said…
Hey there! First, this post was so sweet. It just makes me so sad to think that the world has come to this. It's hard to believe that it was so many years ago. I remember where I was the moment it happened & was scared to death my Dad was on the plane. He flew corporate that morning into New York the flight before it happened. So sad.

Hope to meet you! Our sweet girls are in class together! How fun!! =)

Take care, have a good weekend!
Andrea said…
Thanks for posting this Amy.

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