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New York state of mind . . . .

Ever since Miss Priss was 4, she has been asking to visit "The City", also known as New York City. She is fascinated with NYC. She knows almost every landmark, bridge, tunnel, etc. She reads everything she can get her hands on about NYC. She has even told me that after college, she's moving there. ha! {I don't blame her. I'd move there in a New York minute if my hubby would agree to it.}
Well, since she will be 9 this year, I decided to plan a little trip to the City. A SURPRISE trip! She has no idea, and we are not going to tell her until we are on our way to the airport. She is going to be so EXCITED! 
I am pretty excited myself. I have a full 5 days planned for the two of us, and I'm really looking forward to hanging in The City with my girl.