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Texas Tech v. Texas Longhorns

My husband is from New Deal, Texas {a very TINY town around the corner from Lubbock - Ha!}. He went to Tech and is a HUGE Tech football fan. Up until this year, my 4 yr old, Rylee has followed in her daddy's footsteps. She loved the Red Raiders and would always have her "guns up!" Not too long ago, she informed her daddy that she QUIT the Red Raiders and is now a Longhorn! A daddy's heart was broken on that summer night. {yes, she goes around with her horns in the air and yes, her daddy cringes!}

Can't wait to see what happens tonight when the Red Raiders play the Longhorns. Will she have her "guns up" or her "horns" up? We shall see....

Until next time...... xoxo

End of summer.....

Over the Labor Day weekend, we headed to San Antonio with Michael & Sarah. What fun we had! Our friends, Chris & Julie and their daughter Emma {Rylee's BFF} also joined us. We left Friday morning and had a great car ride. We stopped in West for the best Kolache's ever!! Then we stopped in San Marcos {outlet capitol of Texas} and had lunch at Center Point Station {if you are ever in San Marcos, you should try it. It's an old gas station converted into a boutique & restaurant.} We finally made it to San Antonio and joined Chris, Julie and Emma. We went on the river taxi tour and about 10 min into the tour, it started raining {the tour is 35 min long} Of course, we finished the tour in the rain and we were soaked. We went to Sea World on Saturday and the girls LOVED it. The day was perfect, not too hot or humid. Of course, it rained on us towards the end of the day. We had a blast in San Antonio! Here are a few pics from our weekend!

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Three Months

Miss Landry Cate . . . . . .

You are 3 months old today! You are the sunshine in our life. Your smile is so contagious, we can't get enough. You love your big sister & she loves you ~ I hope the bond continues to get stronger as you both get older.

Mommy loves you!
{she had an attitude today while I was trying to get some pictures! needless to say, she WAS NOT going to smile or open her eyes for me}

Until next time. . . . xoxo