Texas Tech v. Texas Longhorns

My husband is from New Deal, Texas {a very TINY town around the corner from Lubbock - Ha!}. He went to Tech and is a HUGE Tech football fan. Up until this year, my 4 yr old, Rylee has followed in her daddy's footsteps. She loved the Red Raiders and would always have her "guns up!" Not too long ago, she informed her daddy that she QUIT the Red Raiders and is now a Longhorn! A daddy's heart was broken on that summer night. {yes, she goes around with her horns in the air and yes, her daddy cringes!}

Can't wait to see what happens tonight when the Red Raiders play the Longhorns. Will she have her "guns up" or her "horns" up? We shall see....

Until next time...... xoxo


Jennifer said…
She needs a TECH cheerleading outfit to get her back on the straight and narrow. LOL
The Howell's said…
Jenn, we have one! She won't wear it! ha! :)
Sarah said…
I love the new BLOG page!!! It's tooo cute sis!!!!

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