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The Royal Wedding

I remember my mom telling me about how she got up to watch Princess Diana's wedding and I thought she was JUST C-R-A-Z-Y! Well, guess who was up at 3am this morning? Yep, that would be me. I watched the Royal Wedding. . . . and I am so glad I watched it live!  {I tivo'd it as well, in case I didn't hear my alarm} ha!

 Am I tired, not yet, but I will be shortly. ;) I thought Kate was absolutely stunning. She looked gorgeous! Loved her down, and I heard she did her own make-up. WOW. Her dress was amazing, and I am thinking after today, long sleeved dresses will be the new "it" dress. I know it's an English tradition, but I have to say, I loved all the fancy hats. I remember how nervous I was on my wedding day....can you imagine what was going through her head as she was in the car, headed to the alter? Some people struggle to fit in with their in-laws, can you imagine marrying into royalty? What a tough job, and I do mean J-O-B. Always having to be on your best b…

Landry's First Hair Cut

Landry had her first hair cut on Saturday. She only needed a trim, but it was time. Her bangs and the back of her hair were pretty shaggy. ;-) Now, y'all know me, my kids won't have bangs, but in order to even her hair out in the front, she has temporary bangs. ha! Hopefully they will grow out pretty fast. 
We went to this little place called, Pigtails and Crewcuts. It's a hair salon just for kids and it is SUPER cute. Instead of regular salon chairs, they have a firetruck, a police car, and an airplane.  With the help of a sucker, she did so good. She sat so still and just watched the movie they had playing on the tv. 

Kansas City weekend

Last weekend, Rylee and I headed to Kansas City for her dance competition. The girls did super AWESOME.

Here are the awards they received:


MoTown {production} - PLATINUM


Rollin' on The River {tap} - HIGH GOLD

Honeybun {jazz} - HIGH GOLD

My Boyfriends Back {hip-hop} - PLATINUM

Kiss The Girl {ballet} - GOLD

MOST ENTERTAINING {in their group} for Rollin' On A River

2nd PLACE OVERALL {in their group} for My Boyfriends Back

These sassy girls keep getting better and better. They have to learn {and remember} 5 dances at the beginning of the year and then compete in competitions. To be 5, that is hard. They work super hard throughout the year and when they get to competition, they make it look so easy. They rocked Saturday and Sunday! Woooohoooo!

                                                 {pre-competition lunch}


                                            {Sweethearts with Ms. Britney}


Disney on Ice presents: TOY STORY 3

Last weekend, Rylee and I flew to Dallas for a girls weekend. Ok, not really a girls weekend, more like a fun-filled weekend for a 5 yr old. ;-) Friday evening, we headed to Tulsa to catch our plane. {Yes, we have to drive 88 miles in order to fly Southwest} Anyway, Ry was super excited about the plane ride. Since we left on the 9:30 flight, it was pretty empty and quiet. I tried to catch a nap on the plane, but Miss Priss wasn't having it. She, of course, wanted the window seat, and she looked out the window the entire flight. Every time I would shut my eyes she would touch my arm and say, "Mom, look out the window, I see lights or it's so dark, or whatever." Needless to say, didn't get  a nap on the plane. By the time we got our luggage, our rental car, and into Rockwall, it was midnight so we went straight to bed. Saturday morning we got up, went to get donuts, got dressed and headed to Dallas. We went to the 11:30 am show and it was prefect. We had great seat…

A quick trip to Dallas . . .

Rylee and I are taking a little weekend vacation to Dallas to see Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3. Rylee is SUPER excited. :-)When I bought the tickets and booked the plane tickets, it didn't dawn on me that this was the week after spring break {which, we spent in Dallas}. ha! 

Oh well, we're gonna have fun. 

. . . . . and this is no April Fool's joke. ;-)