Disney on Ice presents: TOY STORY 3

Last weekend, Rylee and I flew to Dallas for a girls weekend. Ok, not really a girls weekend, more like a fun-filled weekend for a 5 yr old. ;-) Friday evening, we headed to Tulsa to catch our plane. {Yes, we have to drive 88 miles in order to fly Southwest} Anyway, Ry was super excited about the plane ride. Since we left on the 9:30 flight, it was pretty empty and quiet. I tried to catch a nap on the plane, but Miss Priss wasn't having it. She, of course, wanted the window seat, and she looked out the window the entire flight. Every time I would shut my eyes she would touch my arm and say, "Mom, look out the window, I see lights or it's so dark, or whatever." Needless to say, didn't get  a nap on the plane. By the time we got our luggage, our rental car, and into Rockwall, it was midnight so we went straight to bed. Saturday morning we got up, went to get donuts, got dressed and headed to Dallas. We went to the 11:30 am show and it was prefect. We had great seats and Rylee loved watching the characters on ice. It was pretty cool. After the show, we went over to El Fenix and had lunch. Super yummy. The rest of the afternoon, we shopped and hung out. It was perfect. We spent the whole weekend together , just her and I and it was great. I think she enjoyed time with just her momma. ;-)  

I think my favorite were all the Barbie's. I LOVE Barbie. :)


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