The Royal Wedding

I remember my mom telling me about how she got up to watch Princess Diana's wedding and I thought she was JUST C-R-A-Z-Y! Well, guess who was up at 3am this morning? Yep, that would be me. I watched the Royal Wedding. . . . and I am so glad I watched it live! 
{I tivo'd it as well, in case I didn't hear my alarm} ha!

 Am I tired, not yet, but I will be shortly. ;) I thought Kate was absolutely stunning. She looked gorgeous! Loved her down, and I heard she did her own make-up. WOW. Her dress was amazing, and I am thinking after today, long sleeved dresses will be the new "it" dress. I know it's an English tradition, but I have to say, I loved all the fancy hats. I remember how nervous I was on my wedding day....can you imagine what was going through her head as she was in the car, headed to the alter? Some people struggle to fit in with their in-laws, can you imagine marrying into royalty? What a tough job, and I do mean J-O-B. Always having to be on your best behavior and having to look perfect ALL the time. 

Just CAN.NOT imagine. 

It was definitely beautiful. Now, is it nap time yet? ;)


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