Just a dog?

His name is Dakota. A tiny Yorkie with enough attitude to be a Doberman. he didn't like kids, but he tolerated them. He hated cats, and especially hated the mailman. Even bit the mailman once! More than any of the above, he was a very pampered dog. See, he once belonged to my mom. My mom was a cat person, loved everything about cats. So, when she came home with this tiny fur ball, weighing less than a pound, I was totally shocked! She loved this puppy more than anything. He was good for her. When she got sick, my Nan took care of him, and when she passed away, my brother took him, and has had him ever since. Dakota has been my brother & SIL's baby for 14 years. I thought he was spoiled when my mom had him, but nothing compares to the sweet life he's lived with my brother & SIL.

He's been sick {old age related stuff} for a few months, and recently my SIL took him to the vet, to go over options, but this morning, sweet Dakota went to doggie heaven. Not that it's any easier, but I prayed he'd pass away at home, so my brother wouldn't have to make that decision when the time came. I feel like Dakota knew it was time this morning.

He's had a good great life these last 14 years. We've all enjoyed having him around, even when he was ornery. Before my brother called me this morning, I would have told you, he's just a dog, life goes on. But after hanging up with my brother, it hit me. He's not just a dog. Dakota was the last piece of my mom my brother had to hang onto. He's the last piece of my mom we've all had to hang onto.

Rest in piece, sweet Dakota! May you sit in heavens window sill, and nap all day. Run free, bark at lots of cats, and maybe a mailman or two, but more importantly, be united with your first owner, my mom. She could use the company. xo

Goodbye, Boo! We love you, and will miss you like crazy!


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