Mom of two girls

I am a mommy of two precious, outgoing, strong-willed, sassy, girly girls, and I LOVE every second of it. Before I had my first daughter, I knew nothing about raising girls. I have three brothers! I'm definitely a girl girl myself, so when Rylee was born, I was over the moon. The child had more clothes, shoes, and hair bows than I could count. It was ridiculous! ;) When I got pregnant a second time, I secretly hoped for another girl, and I got my wish. Landry had just as many clothes, shoes & bows, and this momma was thrilled to have two daughters. It's so much fun watching them play dress up, and to watch them pretend play with barbies and baby dolls. I LOVE IT! 

I keep tossing the idea around of having another baby, and while I would love to have a boy, I'd be over the moon to have another daughter. :)

Pure Sass! ;)


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