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We survived!

Rylee had her tonsils out on Friday, and we survived. I was a total wreck before the surgery. . . . I maybe got 2 hrs of sleep  the night before. NOT good. I was so nervous. I got up at 4:30 Friday morning, got ready, woke Kasey and Rylee up, and out the door we went. I was sick to my stomach the short drive to the hospital. Rylee, didn't seem nervous at all. It took everything I had not to burst into tears. NOT a good morning for me. We checked in, changed Rylee into her hospital gown, and waited. In my opinion, NO reason to be there 2 hours early. For the first hour, we watched tv. {which, sitting around made my nerves worse} Finally the nurse came in to get us. They let us go down the the OR with Rylee. We waited in the little holding area, and the anesthesiologist came to talk to us..... after her chat, she asked if I had any questions. UGH, ME? of course I did. I had a million questions, but decided that I wasn't going to ask all of them, simply because I was already nerv…

I'm a nervous wreck. . . . .

tomorrow, my first baby will have her tonsils taken out, and this momma is a nervous wreck. Please pray for my sweet girl! xo

Emotional day. . . .


Kansas City weekend.....

last weekend, we took a little trip to Kansas City/Overland Park. I love this area of Kansas. We went because Kit {rylee'samerican girl doll} needed some new clothes, and I secretly wanted to hit up Nordstrom. ;) ha! Well, I guess it's no secret, the husband knows how much I like to shop. I didn't know they had an American Girl store until recently, and I am so happy they do. KC is much closer to us than Dallas. Although, y'all know I will take any opportunity to head back to my Texas roots {and all the best malls, of course}! We had the best time. While at the mall, Rylee went on this trampoline jump thing. She was a bit scared, but enjoyed it. Next, the girls and their daddy went on the carousel. Rylee, of course loved it, but little priss was so scared. Bless her heart, she cried almost the entire ride. After a long day of shopping, we stopped at Macaroni Grill for dinner, and then went back to the hotel for the night. {which by the way, Rylee let me know real quick…

Happy 4th of July


Happy Anniversary!

Today is my 7 year anniversary! 

{my dad & I}        {Kasey & I}

 7 years, two kids later and I couldn't be happier. Happy Anniversary babe!

It's Summer Time

What summer means to me:

SwimmingShorts and flip flopsBright colorsGreat moviesSno ConesSleeping inFire works SunglassesThe smell of tanning oilBaseball gamesSummer dressesGoing to the beach

The weekend has begun. . . . .

Hope everyone has a fun, but  safe 4th of July weekend.